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Heading West

Posted on Mon Apr 3rd, 2017 @ 3:48am by Lieutenant JG Haruna Mizuhara

Mission: Helpless Shoreleave
Location: Holodeck 7

She stood there looking out at the sea. Its crystal blue colour lapping at the golden sands of the island. Haruna stood there under the blazing sun as she stared out at the distant horizon. Looking far west at her ancestry homelands. The Japanese Islands were several thousand miles away, and she was determined to get back to them.

It was by tragic incident that she had ended up here on the Polynesia islands. She had arrived several years ago as a child. Born on a Japanese sailing ship. She doesn't remember the storm which wrecked her parents vessel, only heard stories of how she was found amongst floating wreckage. The only survivor.

Since then she had grown up amongst the people, and had been accepted by them as one of their own children.
"Still longing to go?" a soft old voice asked. Haruna turned to face an elderly woman, whom had taken her in many years ago.
"Yeah" she sighed. "I want to know where I came from. What lands await me out there" she explained.
"Haruna" she replied placing a wrinkled hand on her shoulder. Her skin was warm on her shoulder.
"I know you've always felt like the odd one out here" she began to explain. She turned Haruna around. "I took you in when you were a small child. I could never have children of my own" she told her.

The older woman gently placed her hand flat on Haruna's exposed stomach. "It was wishful thinking that you could carry on my legacy and family. I can't lie when I hoped for grandchildren from inside here" she smiled. Haruna smiled back.
"Maybe. One day. They will be" she replied. "But. I need to know" she said. "I need to know where I came from"

The elderly woman smiled. "There's an old Outrigger that needs your ample skills. You're the only girl on the island who has the skills to repair it". She indicated with her head towards the other beach where most of the outriggers were pulled up high out of the water. "You have a few friends. I'm sure they will help you if you ask. But promise me. Promise me that one day, you will return. With or without your own children"

"I promise Mother" Haruna said. The elderly woman pulled her into a hug. "You best get prepared"

A few days later Haruna stepped onto the wooden deck of the outrigger.
"Right" she said as she grabbed the rope to the sail. "How about we get underway. Far west is where they say my people are from!" she told her crew. The outrigger was quite large, capable of travelling the high seas. She looked at her two friends, both had agreed to help her cross the ocean.

With a push of the large paddle the outrigger was away and into the ocean. Haruna felt the cool breeze on her exposed skin and her face as the vessel began its long voyage.
"Haruna" one of her friends said. "How far have we got to go?"
Haruna simply smiled as the Island began to grow smaller and smaller. "Korina. I have no idea. I guess thats part of the adventure" Haruna explained with a smile.

The waves were gentle as the outrigger slid through them. Its double canoe bows cutting through the gentle waters as it glided across the water.

Haruna smiled, running a hand into the water. "The currents are warm" she said. "We're on the right track".

Korina smiled. "Well then" she pulled on the rope extending the sail out full. "Lets pick up a bit of speed!".

Haruna laughed. She grabbed the rope and pulled it tight, tying it around a tie point on the outrigger and securing it in place.
"Full speed ahead"

"We need a name for this outrigger" Alemana said from the bow. "If we find this 'Japan' we could be the first of our people to make contact with them" he explained.

Haruna pondered for a few minutes. "Yes. We do need a good name for it" she replied. She leant slightly on the oar and thought about it. "Well, we're heading West, heading for Japan" she was talking out her logic. "The word for West in Japanese is 'Nishi'" she said. "So, Nishi-Finder" Haruna said officially christening the vessel.

Both Alemana and Korina laughed at Haruna choice of name for the boat that would carry them far. It was interrupted however by a strange growl. Alemana walked over to Haruna.
"Did you hear that?" she asked.
"Hear what?" Haruna asked.
"This" he said as he poked Haruna in the belly button. "Your stomach says its time to find something to eat" he laughed.

Haruna jumped back. "I told you not to poke me there!" she snapped. "And I am not hungry!" her stomach growled again this time a little louder.
"Uh huh..."
"Ok, maybe a little" she smiled.

Korina passed Alemana the rope to the sail. "Keep out course straight west. I'll go make us something" she smiled. She took Haruna by the hand and led her inside the center of the outrigger. In the center of the boat, between the two canoe hulls was small hut style house made of light wood, sticks and straw. It provided basic shelter for the crew, including hammocks and storage pantry for food and supplies.

"I can't believe he did that again" Korina said as she and Haruna walked in.
"Did what?" Haruna asked.
"He touched your belly again Haruna. He has a clear crush on your girl!" Korina laughed.
"Oh it was nothing"
"Haruna" Korina said putting a hand on her shoulder. "Listen. That boy has followed you around for a very long time. Since you were kids. He clearly likes you"
"He's my friend though"
"Yes" Korina said. "But, its a long journey. I don't know how long it will take to get there. But I'm warning you, we probably won't have enough food to support an extra little crewmember"
"What!" Haruna said. "You'll think I'll get pregnant with him and have the baby on the way?" she asked. "Thats now what I'm here for! I'm here to find where I originally came from".
"Yes" Korina said. "Lets just get there. But please" she placed a hand on Haruna stomach. "The only thing going in here, is food. Don't let him too close. We don't want anything growing in here"
"Ok" Haruna said.
"At least.... not yet" Korina added with a wink.
"Shut up!" Haruna replied with a smile as she pushed her away. "What we got then?"

=A= Jenkins to Mizuahara. Sorry to disturb you sir. But we're having a problem with the aft sensor array. Coredale would like your assistance with it =A=

Haruna sighed. "Computer. Save program. Exit and end" she said.

The boat around her dissolved and her uniform appeared again. The doors opened and Haruna walked off of the grid. Before she did, she pulled a pink flower out of her hair. She smiled as she stopped at the doors and tapped on the control panel. The flower disappeared and reappeared in the slot next to the panel. Haruna slotted it back into her hair.
"I think I'll keep that" she smiled as she left the holodeck, flower and all.

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