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Posted on Wed Mar 15th, 2017 @ 9:12pm by Gunnery Sergeant Val Seran & Lieutenant Mikela Reyes MD

Mission: Helpless Shoreleave
Location: Sickbay

Reluctantly, the ship's marine sniper headed to sickbay. Her shoulder was still bothering her after that fall she took a few days ago. As such the twin bioforms stepped inside and out of the way, simply awaiting their turn.

Sickbay seemed a little on the busy side today. First one person was tended to, then another... then an unfamiliar woman in a doctor's coat approached Val Seran and took an appraising look at the twins. She tilted her head slightly. "One or two beds today?" she asked.

"Just one. I fell a few days ago. Shoulder got a knock. It's -" one spoke, though when she trailed off the other took over without missing a beat. " - still sore, and the prosthetic interface is irritating. Do you have the time to take a look at it?" The bioform with the prosthetic arm and the black and gold bracelet pointed at the shoulder where aforementioned interface was.

The doctor smiled wryly and nodded. "I may as well. All my nurses are busy. More nursing stuff than doctor stuff to do right now, so I'll do what needs doing, right? Here, Bed Five looks free. I'm Dr. Reyes. And you are?"

"Gunnery Sargeant Val Seran, 506th, company sniper." Val offered, as one form removed the prosthetic arm from the other. Having an additional pair of hands available was very handy. The one with one arm sat down on a vacant biobed, and one with three contented herself to stand, out of the way.

"I see," Mikela said shortly, her lips tightening slightly as she started up the scanners. Taking a moment to quickly clear her head, she took down a medical tricorder and started applying her attention to the stump itself. "Looks like some irritation, some bruising. Nothing's cracked. I don't see any ligament damage. Looks like the prosthetic and the shoulder bone took the brunt of it. May be a bone bruise." She adjusted her tricorder and held the sensor close to the stump, her eyes on the readout. "Nothing serious."

Val caught the change in demeanor, the Doctor seemed to become more cold and distant, to-the-point after Val introduced herself. She decided not to ask, though. It wasn't her place to, she figured. "Thanks Dr Reyes. Will it heal? Or - " One of the spoke, though then trailed off, the other form instantly and seamlessly taking over. " - is there something you can do?" she asked.

"It will heal, but I'd recommend medication to aid the process," Mikela responded, her tone becoming a little more business-like as she focused on the medical issue. She glanced over the finished scans. "Yes, as I suspected, it's a bone bruise. The discomfort comes from minor swelling and inflammation from fluid buildup. As we're Starbase-bound, I suspect you're between missions, so we may as well do it up properly. Wear the prosthetic as little as feasible for the next two or three days. What I'm going to give you is technically a painkiller, so don't rely on pain to tell you if you're overdoing it. I'm not giving it for the pain, though, so make sure you keep coming back for it, morning and evening." She picked up the hypospray and started dialing up the dosage.

"Leave the arm at home. Got it." Spoke one. "Fortunately the Maker saw fit to give me spares." added the other form. She debated for a moment whether or not to speak up, noticing the doctor's mood dropping and the doctor herself becoming more distant. Figuring it couldn't hurt, she spoke again. "Are you alright, Doctor?"

"Yeah." Mikela dialed up the dosage, double-checked it, and injected it carefully into the injured form's shoulder near the interface. "Been busy today. Little things, mostly. You should be all set. I'll update your chart, and any nurse can handle the injections from here. Morning and evening, to keep the swelling down and speed up the healing process. You're all set."

"Thanks Doctor." Val offered. She'd sat perfectly still for the hypo, cooperating as best as she could. She wasn't a fan of visiting doctors, but she'd always make sure to be appreciative and as easy a patient as she could be. "I'll leave the arms at home for a few days and I'll make sure to come by for a new injection twice a day. Thank you again."

Mikela smiled, her earlier mood lightening a little. "Well, you're welcome. Take care of that arm. Looks like I'm wanted." One of the other nurses was approaching them, looking harried. "You're done, go ahead," Mikela told the twin bioform.

"Again, thanks doc." Val waved. With the fake arm. That she had in her hand. With that the two forms walked out, their footfalls in perfect sync with eachother.


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