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"Quick Introductions"

Posted on Thu Mar 30th, 2017 @ 1:35am by Lieutenant JG Kathryn Dallas M.D., Ph.D. & Lieutenant Mikela Reyes MD

Mission: Helpless Shoreleave
Location: Chief Medical Officer's Office, USS Antares

With all of the changes around the ship lately, to include her on duty promotion, Kate was glad that at least physically, her work hadn't changed much. Having an office nearby sickbay meant that she could still assist in sickbay in between counseling appointments, which was particularly important currently because Dallas had no desire to completely give up care of the XO, considering Kate was one of the on-duty physicians when Soren had first arrived.

Given the unfortunate circumstances that had led the XO to come to sickbay in the first place, it also meant the medical staff weren't just responsible for treating her physical injuries, they were also responsible for documenting their findings and searching for any forensic evidence that might help the security team identify her attacker. It was a procedure Kate had completed too many times for her liking, but the silver lining was, if in fact there could be one, was that Kate knew how to do so gently but efficiently. Out of respect for the unconscious Soren and those who cared for her, Dallas hadn't publicly announced the need to rule out sexual assault as an additional injury, but she knew no forensic medical report would be considered complete if she didn't conduct such an examination, so Kate did so, quietly and gently.

Carrying the PADD with her full report, she thought it best to report her findings to the new CMO before passing it off to security. Kate had yet to meet the new CMO, and she hated that their introduction would have to come under such difficult circumstances, but now that Kate had stepped up to serve as a senior officer, she knew she couldn't afford to waste time.

Pressing the chime outside the office, Kate waited to be allowed entry. She didn't know much about the new Chief Medical Officer, but had heard rumblings of quite an adventure and unusual introduction.

She pressed the chime, and nothing happened... a pause, and nothing continued to happen... slightly more nothing happened... and then an unfamiliar woman approached, limping slightly, holding a cane tucked under her arm. She was noticeably shorter than Kate and looked a little tired. "Can I help you with something?" she offered, glancing from Kate to the office door and back.

Kate turned to the voice and smiled politely. "I'm Doctor Kate Dallas. I was just looking for Doctor Reyes to introduce myself. I have a feeling I found who I'm looking for, if I'm not mistaken?"

"I'm Dr. Reyes, yes." Mikela reached out to shake hands. "Sickbay is crazy right at the moment. I've only got a couple of minutes. You said you're a doctor?"

Kate nodded. "Yes, emergency medicine and psychiatry. I was recently promoted to Chief Counselor, but prior to that, I served as the ACMO and a member of the counseling staff. I was a member of the team working on Commander Aalto when she was brought in, and I wanted to bring you my latest exam findings." Dallas offered the doctor a PADD. "Also, with your approval, I would still like to work in sickbay when I can to keep my medical skills sharp. I am settling into my new position and will let you know when I know more, but I wanted to at least express my desire to work with you and the rest of the staff, as my workload and you allow."

Mikela's caution and fatigue melted into a smile of relief. "I appreciate the information, and I'd be happy to have an extra doctor to call on, especially when it's busy." She took the PADD and switched it to her left hand, the same side that was holding the cane tucked underneath. "Emergency medicine and psychiatry? That's good, as a counselor. It makes life easier for me. I minored on psychiatry, but my focus is xenobiology... and I'm really starting to see why this was my placement."

Kate chuckled. "Why Doctor, are you saying this place is like a zoo?" More seriously, she added, "I don't blame you for feeling that way. I haven't experienced a dull moment since I came aboard. From what I understand, you made quite the entrance. I know you're busy down, as I don't want to keep you, but perhaps with things calm down, I can buy you a coffee, and you can tell me all about it?"

Before the CMO can answer, Kate's comm badge chirped and she was alerted to someone requesting a session as a walk-in. After informing her yeoman she was on her way back to the office, Kate looked apologetically at Reyes. "My duty calls as well, it seems. Thank you for taking the time to see me, and when things calm down for both of us, let's have that drink."

As Kate headed toward sickbay's exit and back to her office, she was grateful for the opportunity to gain an ally, professionally and personally.



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