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Message in a Milk Bottle - Medical Planning

Posted on Thu Mar 23rd, 2017 @ 4:08am by Lieutenant JG Valeria Mordin & Lieutenant Mikela Reyes MD

Mission: Helpless Shoreleave
Location: Primary Medical

Arrangements were being made.

Those four little words filled each extra bouncy step the Ts'usugi took as she walked down the hallways. Arrangements. The prospect of a live feed back to the Home Moons was unheard of... this level of diplomacy meant that talks must be going AMAZING back home. Though what brought Valeria down this specific set of hallways wasn't the smaller PaDD she had carried since her talk with home. It was the larger one tucked with it, with new data from home.

With a swish the doors to the Medical wing of the Antares opened before her, and Valeria walked in. She was decidedly out of uniform, dressed in a simple black dress that was anything but simple that was teasing without being tasteless. She gave the nurse receptionist on duty a nod and a soft smile. "I'd like to speak to the Medical Chief at their convenience. This isn't a medical emergency in the slightest." a pause, "I have updated medical information from the Home Moons to add to the medical database that I wanted to cover with them. I also wanted to extend an invitation to them and their staff to a celebration being planned for tomorrow evening."

The nurse smiled and nodded to Valeria, checking her console. "I'll let Dr. Reyes know, alright? She might be a moment, as she's out on rounds. Would you like to sit down while you wait? There are a few chairs over in the corner."

"Thank you. Unless it would be more convenient for her for me to meet her somewhere." Valeria left the option available, and made her way to the corner to take one of the offered seats.

"Given the day, I doubt it, but I'll make the offer," the nurse told Valeria, and then strode away. The Ts'usugi had about ten minutes to wait until a figure approached, limping slightly, cane in hand and used for balance. Dr. Reyes simply made her way over to Valeria and sat next to her. "I'm Dr. Reyes," she said, once she was comfortably seated. "What do you need?"

The rabbitess gave the Doctor a soft smile once she was seated. "Lieutenant Junior Valeria Mordin, sciences." she introduced herself first. "I have some medical updates from the Home Moons concerning Ts'usugi physiology, as well as the latest techniques to ensure zero issue compatibility should a blood transfusion be necessary." she started, handing Dr. Reyes the larger PaDD. "Bone structure scans, circulatory mappings, neurological scans from inside the skull cavity. Some of these are the most recent medical scans allowed outside of the system."

"That's the business, concluded. The ulterior reason I'm here is to extend an invitation of celebration to all who can attend. I received this video from home a number of hours ago." and with that, Valeria handed the smaller PaDD over so that Mikela could hold it while the saved video played. It held a simple video, that showed perhaps a youngest sister, obviously excited about something, though the video was in the native tongue of Ts'usu. Then the view switched to show an older brother, after a scramble of hands from presumably the rest of her family. More dialogue, then a hush as an elder male voice spoke before the view switched to an older woman, presumably her mother... And the little bundle she held. Covered in soft fuzz, not even fur, the youngest addition the family stirred to yawn wide, before returning to his post-birth nap. He didn't even fuss about all the attention.

The rabbitess waited until the video playback was complete. "I'm a sister again. His name is Garra, though by the time he's old enough to travel to the Alpha Quadrant, he'll probably be answering to Gary." she said, with that smirk still on her features.

"Well, congratulations," Mikela said, her tone a bit detached. She felt a little out of her depth, not sure how exactly she was supposed to respond, but knowing better than to let any sadness or regret show through. "A celebration of the new life? Is there a further cultural significance I should be aware of?"

"Thank you." the Ts'usugi started, "It was actually Captain Rhimer that suggested hosting a get together to celebrate. A way to share some good news with everyone. Ordinarily, back home we'd be halfway into our third bottle of rice wine by now." Valeria offered, "So culturally, no additional significance beyond the normal celebration of birth. Though I understand that some species do not actually celebrate birth, so the fact that we do is of significance in and of itself." Valeria actually followed that thought train for a moment before shaking her head, "Sorry, momentary distraction."

"In the more urban areas back home, we would invite close family over after the mother has settled back home. Introduce them to the newest addition, then spend the rest of the time remembering collective childhoods. In the more rural areas, like where I'm from, we celebrate with a little more alcohol, though usually before the mother returns home." a pause, "We try to have the place cleaned up before she gets home." The rabbitess offered a little more info with a soft smile, "I don't expect this get-together to be as..." she searched for the right word, "...rambunctious as any get-together we'd throw back home. Though, medical is a very important department to keep staffed. If you are prevented from attending, there's no offense perceived." Valeria clarified, offering Mikela a way out.

At the explanation, Mikela smiled softly, pursuing thoughts of her own, and not all of them unpleasant. "That sounds like a good time. Sure, I'll attend if work permits, just let me know the time and place." A contemplative pause. "I'd like to attend."

Valeria gave a nod, "Tomorrow evening, 1800 hours. The lounge, though it may have a different name once Isabelle finishes the remodel. If you can make it, it will be good to see you there." a general welcoming statement. "I'll let you get back to your rounds, Doctor. Thank you for taking the time to see me." if any other species said that, it'd sound condescending. Valeria sounded like she meant it. "In regards to the updated medical files, if you need my assistance clarifying anything please let me know. Having been one for a number of years, I'm something of an expert on the Ts'usugi." she joked with a smirk.

"I'd imagine that would help, yes," Mikela told her with an amused smile, rising to her feet. She was quicker and more able at rising than expected from someone with a cane and a limp. "You're right about taking the time, I've got to finish those rounds, but I'm glad I was able to stop by. I'd better get back to everything. I'll let you know if I need any clarification, and it's been a pleasure to meet you." Her delivery was quick and smooth, with a hint of humor behind her eyes, making gentle fun of her shortness on time rather than being grumpy about it.

"Please do." Valeria stated simply as she followed Mikela up. "It was good to meet you, and good to know that should I require medical assistance in the future, that I'd be in good hands. I hope to see you tomorrow. Until then." Valeria gave a nod before taking a step backwards. Once a full step away, that's when she turned and headed out of Medical.


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