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Posted on Thu Apr 13th, 2017 @ 2:09am by Lieutenant JG T'kom & 1st Lieutenant Tettly Biggs & Captain Joe Rhimer & Lieutenant Mikela Reyes MD & Commander Soren Aalto & Lieutenant Commander Garran & Lieutenant Aayan Vohra & Ebbe Aalto

Mission: Helpless Shoreleave
Location: Sickbay

"Doc! Get in here! She's wakin' up!" He called.

"Doc!" He called again as Soren stirred further.

T'kom entered the room, calmly and strode to a nearby readout, "Doctor Reyes in on her way. I trust you won't be assaulting her, Lieutenant?" The said, quietly.

"I already apologized for that. I lost my head for a second," Tettly grumbled back.

T'kom regarded him with an arched eyebrow, then slightly bowed her head, "Indeed you did. I apologize for bringing it up again."

Tettly gave her a nod, then turned back to Soren.

Mikela entered, moving quickly for a woman with a limp, her cane tucked under her arm. "Status," she ordered, placing the cane in the far corner.

"..'s loud.." Soren slurred badly. She squinted her eyes some, but didn't open them. Instead she raised her other arm up to cover her eyes, then winced and pulled it away.

Garran was the next to enter, wearing his old outfit again, the button up shirt and vest over pressed pants. He was surprisingly quiet for such a large and heavy being, preferring for now to just observe.

"I know it's loud, honey," Tettly said, putting his hand out to block the light from her eyes, "It'll be okay in just a few minutes, they just gotta make sure you're okay.

"BP is low, but it's rising to more acceptable levels," T'kom began, "Pulse is 102, with expected ranges. Brain activity looks good. Overall, Commander Aalto appears to be in better than expected shape, given the circumstances."

"Alright," Mikela said, lowering her voice now. "Dim the lighting to... 30%. Volume on the instruments down 80%. T'kom, keep an eye on the displays and put all alarms in this room on silence." Then she addressed herself to the woman. She knew what to say. She remembered what had helped her and what had not, when she'd awoken after her injuries. "Soren Aalto. You're in Sickbay. You're on the USS Antares. You're safe here. Take your time. There's no hurry. You're in Sickbay. You're on the USS Antares. Everything's okay."

The commander made an understanding noise since nodding only made her wine. "Antares." She took a moment to wrap her brain around that, some of the tension leaving her shoulders as she did so before piling back up again. Making sense of her thoughts on the pain medicine was like swimming through soup. "Bear?"

"Focus on you right now," Tettly said, gently. "You took a hell of a beating, darlin'. I'd hate to see the other guy," He said, still holding her hand.

Garran furrowed his brows, ears laying back. He remained silent though, leaving the focus on Soren, Tettly and Mikela.

Soren's brow furrowed even more. She wrapped her fingers as best as she could around Tettly's and squeezed. "No," she said as pointedly as she could. A few words spilled out that were horribly slaughtered Finnish before a more intelligible phrase was uttered. "Is he okay?"

Tettly's eyes drifted to Garran before he did something that he silent swore he'd never do again for the rest of his life: He lied.

"He's fine, don't worry," He said, gently. "Just breathe and focus on getting your head on straight, okay?" He said.

Soren visibly relaxed. She closed her eyes again and sighed so deep she felt like her soul rattled some. "Good, good. I wouldn't leave him."

"Rest, Soren." Garran mused, his voice soft. Wasn't easy for him, but he managed. "We know you wouldn't leave him. Or anyone else."

"We need to tend to her," T'kom replied, her tone surprisingly gentle. "I must ask you to vacate the area until we can make sure she is stabilized and moved to a regular room," She said.

"Huh... oh... yeah," Tettly said, turning back to Soren, "I gotta step out while they make sure you're okay, honey... I'll be close though, I promise," He said.

Garran lumbered out without saying a word. There wasn't much he could say really that hadn't already been said, and he didn't want to burden Soren with things other people should say to her.

"Don't leave Bear 'lone. You know he gets scared," Soren called after Tettly. "Extra ducks in the closet."

Tettly screwed his face up as he walked away, but didn't let it show in his body language, "I know he gets scared, love. You just focus on getting better right now..." He said, over his shoulder.

Once he was out of the private ICU, he turned and leaned his head against a bulkhead - a bit too hard on purpose - and tried to figure out how and when he was going to tell her the truth.


"Blood pressure is stabilizing, heart rate is returning to normal," T'Kom reported. "Brain wave activity continues to return to normal levels," She said, looking over her shoulder at Reyes.

"Good, good," Reyes murmured. She didn't remark on the conversation. It wasn't her place. That knowledge kept her hardened Marine sniper face from changing expression as she turned back to Soren. "We're going to move you into a more private area in just a little while, and then we'll be able to leave you alone to rest for a while, okay?" Her face was stoic, but her tone was gentle. She did not look angry or forbidding, but she did seem weary.

Soren started to nod then winced and changed her mind. "Thank you," the blonde sighed. "I'm still rather tired."

T'kom arched an eyebrow, "Indeed..." She said with a not quirk smirk on her face, and moved to the bed side and nodded to the doctor that she could take it from there, "You rest and I will completely the last checks and move you to where you can rest. All will be well, Commander," She said, simply.


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