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Message in a Milk Bottle - Party Planning

Posted on Thu Mar 23rd, 2017 @ 1:18am by Isabella Lionese & Lieutenant JG Valeria Mordin

Mission: Helpless Shoreleave
Location: Lounge

With shoreleave in full swing, it was expected for the local lounge to be a bit quieter than normal. What Valeria didn't expect, though, was a flat out closure of the lounge. There was a sign next to the door that stated that the lounge was not yet open, which did a good task of taking the wind out of the rabbitess' proverbial sails. Nevertheless, the Ts'usugi took a firm step towards the doors to bid them open, and rather than disturb everyone, she simply poked her head in.

"Hello?" she called out into the lounge area proper, "I'm looking for Belle." the Ts'usugi asked aloud. "Captain Rhimer suggested I talk to her about planning a celebration here, though I don't believe his time table and your's match."

Out of the few people present cleaning and decorating, a dark haired woman stepped out to meet the rabbitess. "Well, Joe is typically of the mind to do first and ask later, but he's not that far off. We're making good time. What kind of celebration are you looking for and when?"

"It's a celebration of the expansion of the family. Back on the Home Moons, my mother just recently gave birth to my newest brother. Were I home, I'd be half into a bottle, to which the Captain suggested I come see you about potentially hosting a ... his word... shindig." her phrasing of it told the tale of how often she ever used such a term.

"His suggestion was tomorrow at 1800."

Belle's lips quirked slightly as she turned around to survey the lounge. It wasn't quite finished, but there were corners where it was finished 'enough'. "The grand opening was supposed to be the daft man's wedding party, but leave it to him to forget that detail. "For how many? And the reason I ask this is we're not ready for full service yet- not until the end of the week. I've only got half a kitchen set up and some of the tables aren't finished being put together, but if it's under twenty, I can quickly fix the side room for an impromptu celebration."

Valeria opted not to dwell on Rhimer's shortsightedness. "To be truthful I'm uncertain. The Captain seemed to imply that everyone was invited, though I doubt that such will happen. Best I could say, would be to expect each department head and perhaps one or two of their staff which would put the estimate anywhere from eighteen to twenty-two in attendance."

"I can aid in the assembly of tables." She offered, simple and direct. "Least I can do to make up for whatever trouble this suggestion has brought." she clarified with a soft smile.

"He said everyone?" Belle nodded her head slowly. She did her best to bury her disappointment. "I guess I'm hiring a few more hands and making this work then." He just wasn't getting the party that he thought he was later. And he deserved that for not using his noodle. "I need you doing something else. Pick out your decoration. Send me what colors you want and you figure out your announcements. Let me handle the rest. If you've got a list of finger food that you want, let me know. I only have one replicator in here at the moment, so it needs to be appetizers only and drinks. The others don't arrive until friday. We'll make this work."

She gave a nod, blonde hair tossed about. She had a task, this wasn't a dismissal.

"Appetizers will work perfectly, I'll let you handle foodstuffs. I'll see if I can add one or two traditional choices to the database. Colors are blue and white, and traditionally a butterfly is used to symbolize a newborn." she recited, her smile widened briefly as she reached for the smaller station-standard PaDD she was carrying, "Would you like to see the announcement I received?"

The PaDD held a simple video, that showed perhaps a youngest sister, obviously excited about something, though the video was in the native tongue of Ts'usu. Then the view switched to show an older brother, after a scramble of hands from presumably the rest of her family. More dialogue, then a hush as an elder male voice spoke before the view switched to an older woman, presumably her mother... And the little bundle she held. Covered in soft fuzz, not even fur, the youngest addition the family stirred to yawn wide, before returning to his post-birth nap. He didn't even fuss about all the attention.

"His name's Garra. Heaviest napper I ever saw, what with all the fuss not even phasing him."

"I didn't think that it was possible to have a pretty baby. They usually come out red and blotchy. Bless him.." Sophie certainly hadn't been pretty, though she'd convinced herself that the child was gorgeous. It was a part of the post-birth process that ensured survival. "Make sure to send me any additional info, not Joe. I think he's frazzled with everything going on. And I'll have you set up for tomorrow at eight."

She gave a nod and a soft word of appreciation that didn't quite translate. "We're hideous at the moment of birth. Screaming and covered in gore. The doctors do a good job of making us presentable. Though, still... thank you." and after a moment of silence to perhaps let the blessing fly across the cosmos, "I understand. From here until eight tomorrow, you are my point of contact for all matters concerning. I'll keep you as up to date as possible on the final tally of guests, but an accurate count may not be easy to achieve."

"I know this is coming from the far fields. Thank you."

"You're welcome," the brunette said with a lopsided grin. "Have fun with your side of the planning. Too much stress and it's not a party."


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