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A Glacial Floe

Posted on Fri Mar 10th, 2017 @ 4:11am by Major Goestayva Johnson & Lieutenant Commander Yuri Koloff

Mission: Helpless Shoreleave
Location: Firing Range

"Kawolski," Chance said, mock irritation suffusing his voice, "what have I told you about your weaponry skills?"

"I am not to show up my CO," Kawolski said by rote, "otherwise I'm just grandstanding and showing off and that is unbecoming of a Marine."

"Yes," Chance said, putting the rifle on the counter before him. "And what have you just done?"

"Scored higher on this qualifying round than my CO," Kawolski said, again his tone suggesting it was rote but there was a small smile on his face.

"Which means?" Chance asked.

"I have forfeited my dessert privileges for tonight," Kawolski said, the smile breaking out at his own joke.

"Well, I'm glad we agree then..." Chance trailed off as he saw someone who definitely wasn't a Marine wondering through the range. Silently he picked up the rifle he was using and handed it to Kawolski, who took his own rifle and began walking the other way.

"Commander," Chance said, greeting the person whose Starfleet profile was projected across his field of vision at the moment. "It's a pleasure seeing you down here."

Yuri turned to the Marine. "Major hello." The Commander said as he stepped up to one of the Lockers and took out a Compression Rifle. "I'm just getting my tour of the Ship."

"And general greetings to you as well," Chance said, pulling out his sidearm. "Got tired of walking endlessly boringly similar decks and decided to do something a bit"

Yuri shook his head. "Well I'm also here to examine the Weapons Locker." The Commander examined the rifle and then adjusted the program. "That way it'll determine who is doing an inventory of the rifles and hand units."

Chance raised a brow. "The weapons locker will determine who is doing an inventory for you?" he asked with a look to Kawolski. "Have you met the good Doctor Dallas?"

Yuri shook his head. "Nope not yet." The Commander then programmed a series of targets. "If the weapons don't meet my standard then they'll be catalogued for inventory and then recalibrated."

"Uh uh," Chance said, casting a quizzical glance to Kawolski, "and the 'who' in that equation is?"

Yuri turned to face the Major. "I haven't really figure that part out yet." He said with a slight grin on his face.

"Speaking of not figuring things out yet, let's talk about our professional relationship for a bit," Chance said as he selected a rifle at random. "I understand there was some 'difficulties' recently and I want to make sure that we're in sync on what we'll both be ordering in such situations, and outside of those."

Yuri nodded. "I agree." Yuri said as he raised the weapon and examined the targeting settings. "Though of course from what I Understand my predecessor was a bit of a pain."

"I'm sure I wouldn't know, having never met any other chief of security for this ship. Though, I'm sure my antecedent will be saying the same for me, and probably you as well." Chance shouldered the rifle and put a few shots downrange, seemingly at random. "Though, that really doesn't do us much good at the moment, since you're not your predecessor and I'm not my antecedent."

Yuri fixed his sights on the target and then fired. "That is very true indeed." The Commander then adjusted the sights. "Not bad...."

"Well," Chance said. "It was a pleasure in the same spot you were. Have a nice day, Commander." Chance motioned Kawolski that they were going to move down the range.

"You too Major, I look forward to working with you." Yuri said politely with a nod to the Marine.

Lieutenant Commander Yuri Koloff
Chief of Security
USS Antares

Major Chance Johnson
Marine Commanding Officer
USS Antares


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