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Off to See the Doctor, The Wonderful Doctor of Antares

Posted on Sun Feb 26th, 2017 @ 12:21am by Lieutenant Mikela Reyes MD & Major Goestayva Johnson

Mission: Helpless Shoreleave
Location: Medical
Timeline: TBD

After taking a bit to take in the revelation from Captain Rhimer, and the necessity of popping back to his quarters for a fix to his uniform, Chance realized that he still had things to do before he could do the things he had to do.

One of them included the necessity of yet another poking and prodding session that would allow him to be declared 'healthy and fit' to serve. Meeting new doctors was always a trepidation for him because he never knew how they would react. The worst reaction, of course, was to tell him that he was useless and archaic to retain his cybernetic limbs when they could easily regraft new limbs using cloned tissue.

The worst was the one doctor that kept expecting him to explode all the time...or worse...lose control of his 'programming' and attack the crew as some sort of evil, killer robot. Though...that did have some appeal. However, he understood this doctor was new to the ship as well, so maybe they could get off on the right footing, find some middle ground where the doctor was able to treat that which she could treat and leave the rest alone.

Or he might have to go all evil, killer robot on her.

"Major Chance Johnson here to see Doctor Reyes," Chance said as he entered Medical and prepared for the meeting.

A nurse was already approaching Chance. At his request, though, the nurse paused, as did another, shorter figure who was making her way across the other side of the main room. Mikela turned, looked at Chance for a moment, then started making her way over. "Everyone comes here to 'see Doctor Reyes'," she pointed out, coming to a stop in front of him and looking up at him. "What do you want?"

Her tone was terse, but not unkind. She looked tired.

"World peace?" Chance answered. "No, wait, that's a bit cliche. How about 'galactic peace'? Failing that, a really, really good triple chocolate cream cake with a nice ganache topping, or Nana's fudge brownie cookies."

He took a look around Medical. "But I think I'm going to have to settle for some scans, some general conversation regarding my health and hope to get out of here without the need to provide a fecal sample."

Mikela, to her credit, did not even crack a smile. Instead, she shifted position, tilted her head up and to the side, and rested her hand on her opposite hip. "I'd say you've earned yourself the fecal sample. Over there, Biobed Two."

"Well, that's a pretty shitty prize," he muttered while he scanned her for pointy hears, green blood or other general signs of hobgobliness. But, finding little in the way of that, he made his way to the bed to which she directed. Arriving at he, it hopped up and leaned forward. "So, no galactic peace?"

"I have not come to bring peace, but a sword," Mikela murmured as she reached the biobed and, with a quick hand gesture, summoned a nurse to start the scanning procedures. "Besides," she pointed out wryly, "If we had peace, how would you earn your supper?"

Chance made sure to sit up straight, allowing the scan to be run quickly and correctly the first time. "Well, I used to think I was funny, but that rumor has just now been put to bed, thank you for your help with that one. But, before I became totally awesome, I was pretty squinty with the making and programming of computer systems. I guess I could go back to that."

"Yes," Mikela said straight-faced, glancing away from him and at the scan information coming through. "When you stop thinking you're totally awesome, you could turn codemonkey. Your results are looking pretty decent. Are there any specific medical complaints that you came for?"

Chance glanced at the nurse with a 'okay, what have I done wrong' glance before shaking his head. "Well, just recently I seem to have received some pretty serious burns."

The nurse gave a slight shrug. This doctor was as new to her as to him. Meanwhile, Mikela gave a slight 'huh' sound in response. "Toughen up, Marine. Or I'll have to resort to sticks and stones." For just a moment, he could catch her eye and see the hidden sparkle. Far from Vulcan-like, she was secretly having just a little bit of fun now. "I'll want those holomatrices off so that I can get a full visual as part of the exam," she added, turning businesslike.

He hesitated for a moment, showing just a bit of anxious fear before he smiled again. "A full view huh?" he said as he stepped off the bed and began taking off his blouse, "I get it now." But the holomatrices shut down, showing the smooth, segmented 'skin' of his arm where the sleeves were rolled up and then after when he dropped the blouse onto the bed, wearing only his undershirt now. He knelt and began working at the laces of his boots.

"Mmhm. I'm beginning to see why I was assigned to this ship," Mikela mused. Appearing to ignore his unlacing work, she stepped around the biobed to get a better look at his prosthetic. She pressed cold fingers against his shoulder, watching his face for reaction. "Not seeing any inflammation around the joints. That's a good thing."

Standing, and kicking off his boots, he waited for her to probe his shoulder, then his pants fell to the floor. He stepped out of them with practiced ease. "Nope. There was with the primary generation of attachments, but I was able to figure that out pretty easily." He took off his undershirt, standing in Medical now only in boxer briefs and socks. But he reached across and grabbed his arm. With a slight wink, there was a subtle 'clink' then the weight of the arm fell into his biological hand.

Setting the now removed arm on the bed, he pointed at the coupler, a disc around the shoulder joint with small lights flashing inside, all of them slowly turning red. "New materials were required as well, as the general alloys stood a high chance of causing reactive allergies. It's now a bonded ceramic hard as plasteel but lighter and less biologically reactive."

Having said that, he shucked the shorts, to show the same type of coupler about six inches below the hip joint of his leg. "Do you want this removed as well?" he asked, but in asking that, he seemed a bit more vulnerable than he had before.

Mikela took a moment to glance at the hip coupler and shook her head. "No, that's alright. As long as it's the same kind of joint, the computer will tell me what I need to know. Looks good. Why do you hide it?"

Chance leered for a moment, smiling as he shook his head. But, considering her lack of personality to this point, he decided to not push the misunderstanding of what 'it' was. "When I first developed the holomatrices in the actual limbs, it was because I was ashamed of being a broken toy. Too many comments by others made me want to hide. Now, it's mostly for the comfort of others. Seeing broken men causes most people to react naturally and that makes them uncomfortable, so now I just pretend to be whole to save a lot of discomfort and embarrassment."

"On this ship, I don't think it would be all that strange," Mikela pointed out. She noticed the leer, even though she hadn't been watching his gaze, and her eyes changed just slightly, the shape turning halfmoon-ish. She shifted her own gaze pointedly to the region between his legs, then back up at his face. "They make pills for that, you know. If you need to save yourself some discomfort and embarrassment."

Chance threw his shoulders back and stood up tall and straight, "No thank you, ma'am, I've learned to live with it and don't need to have any 'reductions' and I've yet to have anyone complain about any 'discomfort' that may be caused." He dropped a wink while smiling. "Fortunately, I can get super stretchy undies from the replicator, for hold and support."

"I think I could find you a tablespoon in case you need a cup," Mikela returned, turning back to the computer.

"Would that come with a barrel of aloe? I also have to report that I seem to have an allergy to something in this Medical suite, I keep getting this 'burning' sensation at various times." Then, beginning to redress, because well, the Captain said no running around without pants on and he'd already broken that rule for the exam, "Have we previously dated? Only women I've previously dated exhibit this much hostility toward me. Until then, I'm told I'm quite handsome and charming."

"I'm not surprised," Mikela murmured. Then she looked back at Chance, smiling now, if wryly. "Ever tried your date-catching tricks on a fellow Marine?"

"Not really," Chance said, "I usually prefer the end of the date wrestling to be more cardio and less actual wrestling. And there's not a lot of single women in the Corps that outrank me now, and I understand that it's awesome to be with a woman I have to salute in the morning."

"Plus Marines are less likely to be snowed under by brag," Mikela offered blandly, "and have seen more than enough.. dongles.. than to be particularly impressed by your willingness to show yours. On top of that, you can't readily embarrass them with veiled crudity, because even their milder jokes are easily twice as bad, do I have that about right, Major?"

"Do I keep falling into a flaming spatial anamoly?" Chance asked the nurse before turning back to the doctor. "Did I somehow go off and marry you and forget that I've done so? Only a spouse could be this cruel. Keep it up doctor and you'll need to schedule me for feelings replacement surgery."

"You need a place to put the replacement first." Now, finally, Mikela let her full, amused smile shine through, taking the sting out of her words. "Well, I don't see any medical problems. Might want to watch your sugar intake a little, or you'll start getting soft in the middle. Aside from that, you're all set."

"Doctor, I'm Betazoid with a Terran Nana, a lethal combination of chocolate addiction and sweets baking. Even if I didn't charge my prosthetic half with biokinetic charging system, I'd have to constantly PT or would have been four hundred pounds by the time I could enlist. And, as you've seen, I'm certainly not 'soft' in the wait...scratch that!" he said, realizing it was probably already too late.

"Not going to touch that one," Mikela returned. "I'll consider the comment removed." Then she turned back to business. "All finished, then?"

"Y'know," Chance said as he double checked to make sure he was dressed and squared away. "The good doctors give patients lollipops at the end of the exam. Just saying."

"To the children," Mikela told him. "You still want one?"

"Doctor, I'm a Marine, that always qualifies us for the children's prizes, and spots at the table...and crayons whenever we need to write out anything less complicated than our own names." He held out his hand expectantly. "I'd prefer grape."

Mikela looked at his hand, then at the nurse. She tilted her head slightly and nodded. Then she turned, leaning on her cane, and started walking away without another word.

The nurse came back with a lollipop. It was grape.

"I know several heavily contested combat zones," Chance said as he peeled the wrapper to the lolly, "if you need to go somewhere less dangerous for a break," he said to the nurse before sticking the lolly into his mouth, dropping a wink and heading out of Medical.


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