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Old pains

Posted on Tue Feb 21st, 2017 @ 2:20am by Lieutenant Commander Garran & Lieutenant Mikela Reyes MD

Mission: Helpless Shoreleave
Location: Sickbay

Maybe it was time. Maybe he'd already been putting it off too long. Maybe it was time to man up and go see the doctor about all those aches and pains, that limp, and all those scars. As such the large Carnelian lumbered his way to sickbay, using his walking cane for balance. Even this small trip took him a bit longer than most, despite his large steps. There was no denying that he was getting old.

When he found his way to sickbay he announced himself, hoping to meet the new CMO.

Mikela was double-checking a crew member's injured elbow, a mild case in the main area, and so she only gave a cursory glance in Garran's direction. She noted that one of her nurses was approaching the man... male... person... crewmember, noted the crewmember's rank, and turned back to her patient. "That should finish it. I want you to take this medication after shift, before your sleeping time, for the next three days, and it should finish the job. Take it before you go to bed. It'll make you sleepy." Then she took her own cane from under the crook of her arm and made her way over to the new patient, letting another nurse finish up. She approached as the nurse was checking his vitals, and nodded her approval at the nurse's deft following of proper procedure. Then she proceeded to break that procedure by speaking up before the nurse was finished, and addressing her question to the Carnelian instead of the nurse. "Dr. Reyes. What seems to be the problem, Commander?"

"Garran, chief intelligence officer and acting XO. Very nice to meet you, Doctor." Garran spoke, his voice that rich and full basso profondo. "Do you have a few moments to talk?"

Mikela tipped her head slightly to the side, amused despite herself as her eyes tracked from his face to the nurse's busywork. "Sure," she said. "I can give you a few moments. Is this medical or administrative? If it's administrative, we can probably dispense with the biobed."

"A bit of both." Garran admitted. "I came down to meet you, get a feel for who you are and make sure you're settled in alright, have everything you need." he mused, making his way to a nearby empty biobed and sitting down on the edge of it. Fortunately it was sturdy enough to carry the large officer's massive weight. There was a sightly limp in his steps and he favored his right leg over his left. That plus the presence of the walking cane gave a hint as to the nature of the medical issue he had.

"That's kind of you," Mikela said. Though there was a hint of wryness in her voice, the sentiment was genuine. "Looks like you've got some sort of old injury there. Right side, is it? Go ahead and tell me about it. I'll pull up your history meanwhile. It's ok, Nurse..... Johnson.... you can go. Check on Bed Five, ok?" She looked back up at Garran... up and up. "I'm still learning their names. Ok, tell me."

"A few, yes. Which is the second reason I'm down here." his tone was no less wry than Mikelas, though it became a bit more subdued as his ears lay back slightly. "I'm old, Doctor. And I've lived a very active, military life. I've got many an old scar and injuries decades old linger and affect me. I was hoping there was something you could do to quiet them down a little, give an old dog some comfort."

"There's only so much medicine can do, even in this day and age," Mikela mused, as she started looking over his records and the scan results. "Still, we can make an improvement over this. Give me a moment." She turned her face back to the PADD she was holding, but her eyes were not focusing on it. After a moment of silence, she looked back at him. "Ok, there are a few options, and we can discuss them over time. I can give you some relief today, at least. It'll fade away, but a lot of this pain is neurological. What solves the pain forever tends to, well, be permanent." She glanced back at his leg, then down at her cane. "And I'll want a muscular workup, too. Some of the pains might be too useful to remove." Mikela smiled a little, looking back up at him. "Well, it looks like you've been putting what you've got to good use, at least."

"Right?" he chuckled. "I don't want invasive surgery, if that's what you're asking. I was hoping we could get by with some dermal regeneration to ease the scars and possibly physiotherapy to keep the body limber and fit. I must admit I'm probably slacking a bit on that." Garran offered. "Some pain is fine. Reminds me I'm alive. Probably never going to be rid of this cane either, I know."

"Oh, I wasn't thinking about surgery either, not for the temporary solution," Mikela told Garran. "For the temporary solution, I would give you injections, perhaps a cortisone blend. I'd want to work up a custom cocktail and modify it as needed. For moderately long relief, a time-release capsule might do the trick, but it would be more of a general solution rather than specific. To make it permanent, though... let me put it this way. Most nerve pain is solved by numbing the nerve. I don't have it done, myself, because I have a joint weakness. Without the pain, I don't know whether the joint is going to give way."

Garran considered for a moment. "I'm not too sure about those injections, to be honest. I know many painkillers numb the mind as well, even if only a little bit, and I need my mind sharp as it can be, more than anything. Especially with my transfer to Intel." He flicked an ear. "Numbing the nerve sounds like a better option." The large officer mused. "Would it be ok if I asked what happened to you? I'm afraid I've not had the time to read your profile. I've been very busy."

"I would recommend the injections, actually, as they are localized," Mikela told him. "Surgery would be permanent, but then... it would be permanent. The time-release medication, that may numb the mind a little. The more relief, the more numbing. But we could start with the injections and just see how you take to them. They can be discontinued at any time."

In response to his question, she shook her head. "I don't mind explaining. I had my left knee almost entirely destroyed in combat, and I'm allergic, internally, to the alloys that just about everybody uses for prosthetics. So they put together what they could find, attached what they could..." She shrugged. "And I do what I can with the result. I'm alright day-to-day, and it holds, most of the time."

"And the pieces fall in place." Garran mused. "SFMC, right? The limp and the cane threw me for a bit, but you carry yourself and move in that certain way, that SFMC spends years teaching you and you don't un-learn when you retire." A nod. "I'll try an injection and I'll study the surgery, if it's not too invasive I'll probably go for that. Just nothing that numbs the mind in any way. You can understand, an intelligence officer needs to be as sharp as he can. Especially considering the circumstances."

"Oh, I understand," Mikela responded, smiling in wry amusement. "You're definitely Intel, whether you always were or not. At least, you've got enough experience and knowledge to read a person. Yes, I was a Marine sniper. Had you heard of the Icarus incident a few years back?"

His expression fell and his ears lay back. "I've heard of that. USS Icarus, Cheyenne class if I'm not mistaken? Sent to defend a border colony, attacked by Cardassians, if my memory serves me. Ship was lost with all hands. Ground team lost 'cept one. And that would be you, then."

"Pirates," Mikela told him. "Trust me on that. I know. I remember them. Yes, that would be me, the only survivor of the Icarus. At first I felt like I had it tattooed on my forehead. Now.. fewer people remember." She shrugged. "Which is life. Old atrocities, new atrocities, if we remembered every battle we would be doing nothing else. And someday the last survivor of the Icarus Marines company will die... but not yet." The moment of darkness passed, and she smiled, openly this time. "Not for a good while yet."

"I hope not." he chuckled. "Between the two of us, we can start a movement to make walking canes fashionable. Can't do that on my own."

"A Marine, setting a fashion trend? Perish the thought." Mikela chuckled. "I've got the scanning data completed, and I can work up an injection cocktail for you if you come back tomorrow. That's the medical part of your visit... what about the administration part? Anything else you need to know about me? Anything I ought to know about the ship? The CO was friendly, but.. terse.. which was understandable, considering the circumstances."

"The ship's a good ship, with a good captain. Everyone on the ship has a story, more so than any other ship I've ever served on." Garran contemplated. "You'll be fine." A nod. "Have everything you need? If not, now's the time to mention it, I'll see if I can get it done before we leave the Starbase."

"Yes, I have everything," Mikela said, her tone turning businesslike. "Including, as I understand, the ship's regular XO in the ICU ward. What can you tell me about that?"

"Commander Aalto was kidnapped and tortured by former Starfleet Spec Ops troops. We don't know who hired them, but we have our suspicions. We don't know to what end, though we have our suspicions there as well." Garran explained. "Commander Aalto was dumped in a location she would be found. Her nephew was also kidnapped and remains missing. You've seen her scans and read her medical notes I'm sure, so you know that whoever did this to the Commander knew what they were doing and did so with purpose. We really hope she can fill in some of the blanks when she's stable enough to be awoken without additional risk to her health."

Mikela took in the information, keeping eye contact, but obviously thinking about each item. "I'd like to know your suspicions," she stated. "Understanding that they are only suspicions."

Garran considered for a moment, then gave a nod. "Alright. Her nephew's father was recently released from prison. Upon release he went through Starfleet Child Protective Services and got them to officially sign over custody of Bear to him. We received notice of this within hours of Commander Aalto and Bear both having been kidnapped. Some things don't add up, but the timing of the two events is too suspicious to ignore." A moment's pause. "Remember where I said that Bear and Soren were taken by former Starfleet Spec Ops? Signs point that these men were the same or at least related to a group that hit the colony Soren and Bear are from some years ago, pretending to be active duty SFMC."

After remaining silent for a moment, Mikela nodded slowly, then firmly. "Thank you for telling me everything, including your suspicions," she told Garran. "It'll help me keep my patients safe. I'll keep a weather eye out. I think that's everything on my end. Is there anything more that you need?"

"Just keep us up to date on the Commander's condition. We'll want to speak with her the moment she's stable and strong enough to." Garran offered. "I told you our suspicions so you have the best information to work with when she does wake up. You'll agree they're still not something we want spreading through the ship. What else - oh, right. Time permitting I'll be back tomorrow for that injection."

"Tomorrow, then. Understood," Mikela told him, then, just out of pique, she lined herself up properly, ignoring the pain in her leg, and offered him the best Marines salute she could muster.

Although his first thought was to tell her that wasn't necessary for him, he could understand why it might be for her. As such he with a grunt hefted himself to his full height as well, and saluted in kind. His though was a crisp Starfleet salute, not an SFMC one. He was Fleet through and through, despite his spec ops background. And she was SFMC. Despite the uniform she was wearing.

When they dropped salutes at the same time he allowed himself to smile again. "Thanks for your time, Lieutenant."


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