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Message in a Milk Bottle - Top of the Charts

Posted on Sat Feb 25th, 2017 @ 11:50pm by Captain Joe Rhimer & Lieutenant JG Valeria Mordin

Mission: Helpless Shoreleave

To say that Valeria's day had gone from GOOD to GREAT would be an understatement. The rabbitess went and bought that dress... a little black slip of a dress that would normally give the wearer a boost in the confidence they needed to ask that certain someone to prom. Valeria didn't need more confidence, but she certainly wouldn't say no to such a lovely little dress. She even still wore her commbadge, just in the event of an emergency she'd be ready.

In a black dress.

Under an arm, she held a small public use PaDD. It belonged to the station, so it differed in appearance from the PaDDs she was used to, but Federation PaDDs were so weird in appearance anyway. Nothing like those back home. Though, she hadn't been home in years, and now there was something else there that reminded her why she did what she did everyday. With the *clack clack* of her dress's accompanying shoes (Tailored for her non-standard feet), she found the first person she wanted to talk with: Joe Rhimer.

"Captain." she started. Even on holiday, respect the title until told otherwise. If the Ts'usugi could be summed up in one word, that word would be Protocol. "I received some news recently, from the Home Moons, and I want to share it with the world. I want to almost yell it from the rooftops." hearing her this excited was unheard of. Normally she was relaxed, in control. She was dangerously close to an outburst.

"I've been reminded why I joined. If you have eighty seconds, I want to share it with you."

"I'll give you ninety at least," Joe replied with a grin as he looked up from his workout in the gym. Her attire struck him first, very out of the norm for the Ts'usugi officer, which made him even more intrigued by the news. "What have you got?"

She was aware how out of the norm she was at the moment. Still it didn't seem to bother her, quite the opposite actually. She held the PaDD out to him.

The video showed her youngest sister, obviously excited about something, though the video was in her native tongue. Then the view switched to an older brother, after a scramble of hands from presumably the rest of her family. Then a hush as an elder male voice spoke before the view switched to her mother... And the little bundle she held. Covered in soft fuzz, not even fur, the youngest addition the family only stirred to yawn before returning to his nap.

"I'm a sister again." Valeria declared after the video played.

"Hey-hey!" Joe said, grinning broadly as he wiped the sweat from his brow with a towel and took the PaDD, looking down at the little fuzzy creature, blearily blinking against the lights, "That's great, Valeria! Boy or a girl?" He asked, assuming that there was probably some easy way to tell in her culture, but he'd be lying if he said he was well versed in Ts'usugi beyond a necessary glance through the database entries when Valeria was assigned to the Antares. Regardless, a bit of good news in the middle of the messes they'd been running in was more welcome than Valeria even realized.

"He's a boy." she responded with a soft smirk, "His name's Garra Mordin, though with the way your people love to mangle our names, he'll probably answer to Gary." she said with a shake of her head. She meant it all in good fun. "We celebrate birth and additions to family differently depending on where we live. In the bigger cities, we'd invite everyone over to the house to look at pictures and vids of all of us as children." a smirk widened to a smile, "But home on the farm, we'd just get the family together and get drunk. My eldest brother.." she rewound the video so she could make an introduction of sorts, "... taught me how to drink. He and I would be under our respective tables by now." she giggled at the thought, "Janis and I would be setting up a table under that table right about now."

"But, be that as it may, I understand. No ravenous consumption of alcohol." she brought herself back to the here and now. "I just wanted to share a moment of joy with those I work and live with. It reminded me of why I joined."

"Now hold on," Joe said, wagging a finger at her, "We're on shore leave. Why not have some ravenous consumption? At least of synthhol that we can all shake off if we need to," He said, grinning a bit. "A new addition is a cause for a celebration, Valeria. What do you say? We plan a party for tomorrow or the next day and celebrate this properly?" He asked.

Valeria almost blinked in shock, though instead, she just gave the man before her an honest, soft smile. "Well sir, I wouldn't want you to go through any special trouble for me." she started with a way out. Typical Ts'usugi protocol. "I do want to share this feeling with the crew, and it *will* save me a lot of walking around."

She looked at her feet, not out of nerves or out of a sudden case of cold feet. "Thankfully, I didn't purchase the heels that went with this dress." she said with a smirk, "I might be able to get a live feed back to the Home Moons, but that's a promise I cannot make entirely. There are literally a thousand factors to consider."

The Home Moon's security and secrecy, being among them.

"But, live feed or no, I imagine the crew would enjoy a well meant celebration." More than she could ever realize, as it turned out.

"It's no trouble at all, Valeria. Put out the word for day after tomorrow around 1800 hours? It's a bit delayed, I know, but crew is family, and new additions are always worth celebrating," He said, brightly.

"Thank you." she said softly, with a long pause before she continued, "I'll get to work on the arrangements. Anyplace in particular that you would allow or recommend as a rally point?"

"And, your suggestion about ravenous consumption of synthhol..." she smirked, "... my eldest brother taught me how to drink. Called it defense against anyone who would use alcohol to impair my judgement. Now I don't intend to start making any bad decisions, but I do plan to celebrate." she said with a smile now. Ts'usugi were good at subtle shifts of emotion. A perked ear, a wink, their posture... there were a lot of tells to show how a Ts'usugi felt at the moment.

Valeria's speech was pleasant. Her body posture was ecstatic. She was thrilled beyond words, but only expressed so much.

Joe grinned, "Talk to Belle. See if her bar is in shape enough to host a shindig," He offered.

And she gave a nod at his offer, "I'll seek her out at once. Thank you. I'll leave you to your workout, Captain." she said with that smirk as she took a step away from him, then turned to walk out.

Joe grinned as she left, though it faded with a sigh after a moment. There was too much going on to be too happy for too long, but damn if he didn't think a party would do everyone some good. He could fake a smile for that long.


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