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The Koloff Factor

Posted on Fri Mar 3rd, 2017 @ 5:49pm by Lieutenant Commander Yuri Koloff

Mission: Helpless Shoreleave
Location: Chief Security Officers Office, Deck 26

Yuri had barely stepped onto the USS Antares but he had a big task ahead of him. For such a large Department on the Galaxy Class Starship, they did have quite a high turnover in staffing.

The Commander called a meeting of his Staff that were not currently on Watch or in their Quarters. He had a lot to discuss. All of the Staff were assembled in his Office which also doubled as the Brig and one of the Weapons Ranges. The doors to the room opened up with a subdued whirr.

"Attention on Deck!" An Andorian Lieutenant called as he stepped into the room flanked by two Humans. The room suddenly burst into life as they all snapped to attention.

Yuri took a step forward. "As you were." He then looked around the room. "My name is Lieutenant Commander Koloff and I am your new Department Head." The Russion Commander looked at the PADD he had with him. "For those of you who don't know me, I am a twenty year veteran of Starfleet having Enlisted in 2372."

He could see the other Staff take note of their new Chief of Security. Some were surprised and others didn't know what to make of him.

"I have one rule, everyone regardless of rank or rating pulls their weight under my command." Yuri said sternly but with a hint of politeness. "I know a lot of you have seen a lot of changes in Staff over the last year and people come and go. I assure you that I will endeavour to make this Department the very best on this Starship."

There were several nods of approval from the assembled staff.

"For this Department to run smoothly it has been decided to shake up the Hierarchy a little." He examined his PADD. "Tactical Officers you report directly to Lieutenant Granik, Security Officers straight to Lieutenant Saeed and both report to me directly." He nodded towards the Andorian Female and Human Male before returning to his PADD. "The Duty roster has been updated and Team Leaders will have their Assignments shortly."

Yuri then changed his composure to a wry smile. "Lets stay safe and look out for each other and then we will have nothing to worry about." He said finally before looking around the room. "You are all dismissed."


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