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Faces in the Crowd

Posted on Fri Mar 3rd, 2017 @ 5:29am by Captain Joe Rhimer & Lieutenant Commander Yuri Koloff

Mission: Helpless Shoreleave
Location: USS Antares, Captains Ready Room

Yuri took a quick look around the Bridge of the Antares, the Galaxy Class Starship was a sight to behold. The Commander took a few steps down towards the Ready Room.

He quickly adjusted his collar and straightened out his Uniform and then pressed the Chime.

"Come on in!" Joe called from inside.

Yuri took a moment then stepped inside the Ready Room. He approached the Desk and with a polite smile handed over a PADD. "Lieutenant Commander Yuri Koloff reporting."

"Oh?" Joe said, looking down at the PaDD. He hadn't heard of any new crew replacements, but in all the hustle with Soren, and then their recent involvement of SFI, the minutia of day to day ship business had fallen a bit on the way side, "You're my new... uhm..." He looked up at Yuri, confused, "I'm sorry son, you may have gotten mixed up orders. The Antares already has a Chief Security Officer," He said, confused.

Yuri examined the PADD. "No Sir the order comes from the Chief of Personnel for Starfleet." The Russian Commander shrugged. "I do not know what happened other than that a request for an experienced Chief of Security was put in and I was reassigned to Antares."

"Yeah but... " Joe tapped his commbadge, "Rhimer to T'Vana," He said. There was a decidedly negative chime in response from his badge. He furrowed his brow a bit, the spoke, "Computer, locate Lieutenant T'Vana?"

"Lieutenant T'Vana is no longer assigned to the USS Antares." The computer replied in her usual rote fashion.


"Lieutenant T'vana is no longer--"

"No, no, I didn't mean you. What about officers Kyt and Stran?" He asked.

"Neither officer is currently assigned to the USS Antares."

"Locate Ensign Claira Evans."

"Ensign Clara Evans is no longer assigned--"

"Alright, alright, I get it. Computer, when did the assignment to the Antares change?" He asked.

"All previously requested officers we unassigned from the USS Antares three hours ago," The Computer replied.

Joe scratched his chin for a second, looking like he was holding back a large amount of frustration, then smiled back up at the man in front of him, "Well then... As I was saying, Welcome to the USS Antares, we're apparently in need of a new Security Chief, so it's great you're here," He replied, standing and offering the man a hand to shake.

The Commander stifled his chuckled and accepted his handshake. "Shall I give you my orders now Captain?"

"Yeah, that'd be a super thing to do," Joe replied with a grin. "Sorry for the mix up, as of three hours ago I had a Chief Security officer, and security staff... seems like you'l be restaffing the office as well, huh?" Joe replied.

Yuri shrugged. "It would seem you are correct Captain." The Commander stood at ease with his hands behind his back and waited fro the Captain to skim through his transfer orders.

"Have a seat," Joe said as he scanned through the orders.

"Thank you." Yuri said as he sat down in the vacant seat opposite the desk.

Once he was done looking over the record and the details, he sat his thumb on the scanner to sign off on the orders and complete the transfer request, then slid the PaDD back to Yuri, "You're all set. I'm sorry for not having more of a heads up... we've had a slew of plot twists lately, and my head is spinning. You've got a good record there, from the looks of it. I'm not sure how much work you've got cut out for you down in security. T'vana was... unconventional in her approach," Joe explained.

"19 years in the Fleet kind of opens you up to the unexpected." The Commander said with a nod. "I shall endeavour to have it as the best run Department on this Starship."

"I have no doubt that you will," Joe replied with a nod. "Looks like you'll be replacing most of the senior staff, so that should help ease in the transition. Any thoughts on who you'll bring in? Or will you be going to Starfleet Personnel for that?" He asked, curious if the new Chief would have a hand picked crew at the ready.

Yuri nodded. "I have been toying with that idea myself and with the situation at hand I have decided to go with two Assistants, one for Security and the other for Tactical." The Commander thought unconventional might work a little better on this Ship.

"Sounds like a plan," Joe said, nodding. "If you've got specific officers in mind, I'll make sure the transfer orders go through," He explained.

"Lieutenant Saeed and Lieutenant Granik." Yuri said to him. "They less than a days shuttle ride away from us and are not currently assigned to any posting."

Joe tapped in a few commands and found the records in question. He read over the officer's history and nodded, "They look promising," He said, nodding. A few more taps later and he smiled up at Yuri, "I've put in ASAP transfer orders to get them moved to the ship. Hopefully you'll have your crew in no time," Joe explained, brightly.

"I'll get them assigned some Quarters and get them to work right away." Yuri commented with a chuckle.

"Sounds good to me," Joe said with a nod. "You're all set, Lieutenant. If there's nothing else, I'll let you get go settled in," He offered with a smile.

"Thank you Captain." Yuri said with a smile as he collected his items and with a final nod proceeded out of the Ready Room.

Joe chuckled a bit as he left. A little stiff, but seemed a bit more easy going than T'vana... he could use a step in the right direction right about now.


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