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Moving Up

Posted on Fri Feb 17th, 2017 @ 7:10pm by Captain Joe Rhimer & Major Goestayva Johnson

Mission: Helpless Shoreleave
Location: Marine Country

Joe stepped into the area of his ship known kindly as "Marine Country" looking for a specific man: The Current Marine XO. He had some good news for him, and was eager to give it to him.

"Private, you seen your XO?" He asked a passing Marine.

Coming to an attention stance the moment he saw the captain of the ship turn the corridor, Private First Class Seltzer snapped his attention forward as he moved against the wall. "Captain, I believe the XO is in his office, sir," the private snapped out, quickly. As if to get rid of this extremely awkward situation as fast as possible. But, still looking at the other side of the bulkhead, "Does the Captain require escort to his office?"

"At ease, son. I don't need an escort... I know where it is," He said, returning a salute to the boy - he couldn't have been older than twenty.

It was like a triple take. Seltzer started to return the salute - only belatedly realizing he should have saluted the captain, not the other way around, then he remembered the many times he was told to 'hit the deck' for improper saluting and his arm went back to his side, but it was a FLEET CAPTAIN...that was like, a Marine the arm shot up again, only to come back down as he worried it was a test and he would be doing pushups until a Captain with a definite capital C got tired and they drank too much coffee to ever get tired. But finally worried that he was going to be in trouble anyway, he returned the salute rather doing pushups for giving the courtesy than for not...because that would be worse. "Yes, sir," he said, each time his hand came up.

Joe watched the boy with narrowed eyes, nodding slowly, "No... really... at ease, okay?" He said, before heading on toward the XOs office.

Meanwhile, after having run around the ship all day, Chance left the door to his office open - if for no other reason than to back up his claim that his door was always open to his command. He planned on getting some other work done but instead he got a surprise call.

So it was that he was preoccupied as people walked by the office. He certainly wasn't expecting any actual visitors. Most certainly not as a voice came from the screen on his desk, sounding elderly but caring, but strict, with a undercurrent of subtle clicking, as if two metal pieces scraping together.

Of course Chance wasn't expecting visitors, especially not just as his Nana was saying, "Now you keep your pants on there, young man! I told you running around without your clothes on was going to get you in trouble out there in space and look what happened, you got moved to another ship again! And don't tell me you weren't running around stark naked with that white butt of yours hanging out for all to see cause your nice Captain called me about it."

"Nana I-" Chance started to say before realizing his door was darkened and...though he hadn't met him yet, he certainly recognized the uniform and pips. He shot to his feet at seeing Rhimer in the doorway while absently trying to mute or end the call on the screen. "Captain!"

"See, I can tell you have pants on now, that's good, now you just keep them on!"

"That is sage advice right there," Joe said, pointing toward the console, "Especially in front of your CO. I mean, I guess some COs might be a little more relaxed with all that... but ... yeah. Keep your pants on when I'm around, okay?" He said, a hint of a grin on his face.

"Who's that?" came the voice from the screen. "Somebody that was raised without manners enough to know not to intrude on a person's private phone call with his Nana?"

"Nana!" Chance said, looking down and trying to find the button that would end the call.

"Don't you dare hang up on me young man, you turn this screen around right now and let me give a bit of advice to whoever it is that's discourteous enough to not enough knock on a man's door before coming into his office!"

Which could explain why Chance was the only person of Betazoid heritage in all of history capable of turning strawberry red in the face as he shook his head, staring at the ship's captain. Mortified that not only did the captain hear his Nana's advice to keep his pants on - completely forgetting that he only did that to win a bet AND a date - but was now caught trying to find a way to keep his Nana from scolding the ship's captain.

Joe waved a hand at Chance and spoke to the lady he couldn't see on the other side of the screen, "Nana, I apologize. Normally I'd have knocked, but the door was open. I showed up to give your grandson some good news, though," He offered, grinning ear to ear.

"Well now that's better, finally some manners. I have half a mind to speak to his captain. Needs a couple lessons in politeness. Now, you call me right back, or there won't be any cookies when you come back next time, you mind me now."

"Yes, Nana," Chance sighed, as he continued shaking his head.

"Love you, Goestayva," Nana said, the smile in her voice evident as she got in one last dig. Chance finally managed to hit the key that ended the call with a muttered "love you, too."

"I'm sorry, Captain," he said as he moved a PaDD from one edge of the desk to the other, unnecessarily. Though his face could still guide a loaded sleigh through a blizzard. "I'm sorry for that, Nana is...she's not military by any means sir. And I'm sorry for not coming to your office sooner, I've been waiting to talk to my CO." He moved the PaDD back to the original corner.

Joe was chuckling to himself as he walked into the office, smiling. "No need to apologize, Captain," Joe said with a nod. "I have a Nana too back home. I completely understand," He explained. "And you shouldn't have to wait that long to talk to yourself," He said, offering the PaDD that contained Chance's promotion to Major and move to MCO.

Chance took the PaDD and quickly glanced through the contents his brow furrowing the more he read. "I'm sorry, but Major Jayden was supposed to be here," Chance said, suddenly understanding more why he never ran into the man. "Obviously I wasn't expecting this." He sighed as he set the PaDD on the desk. Then, as if suddenly remember his own manners, he indicated a chair opposite the desk.

"I guess I have a lot more work cut out for me then I thought, the first of which is to find an executive officer." Chance took a deep breath. "Tell me about Biggs."

"Biggs? Tettly?" Joe asked, crossing his arms and considering it for a moment. "He's a good marine from everything that I've seen. Passionate about the service, and his people. Good leader, even when he's not supposed to be the leader. Thinking of putting him in your XO spot?" Joe asked, curiously.

"I'm thinking of kicking his ass out of an airlock," Chance said as he sat back, "For that stunt in the hospital. But, then again, who can fault a fool in love? I'm sure that Command isn't going to send me a replacement for me in time, so yeah, I need an XO and he's the most senior, so it should go to him. It'll be easier to replace a corporal or private in the long run. But as it's your ship, and he's served here for a bit, I'm looking for advice on whether I should move forward or prepare the airlock."

Joe chuckled a bit at that, "I wouldn't toss him just yet," Joe replied, earnestly. "He's not a hot under the collar guy at all... but I'm pretty sure I'd have done the same thing if I saw my fiance in the state that he saw his. She's a mess, in a coma. Her nephew - who was already very close to Tettly - was missing... it was a perfect storm of personal anguish," Joe explained. "I don't think anything else could put him in a spot that hot again," He explained. "The 2XO and I have already dealt with him on that one, and he didn't offer any excuses, just an acknowledgement that he messed up, and an admission that as soon as he had done it he knew... those Vulcan neck pinches just work faster than a marine can let a guy go and apologize," He admitted, grinning.

"Yes, he admitted it right off when I met with him earlier as well, which is still a mark of a good man. Then attempted to dress me down for 'ball busting' the command." Chance sighed. "Well, I think I need to go visit with him to relieve him of his command of the platoon. Think he'll take that well?" Chance asked, grinning.

Joe laughed a bit, "Go easy on him, man. He's going through a metric crap ton right now, personally. Might not be the ideal time to jerk him around," He said.

"Or, perhaps its the best time to jerk him around, especially if he's focused on the ordeal his fiance has gone through. A bit of distraction? And, if he's going to be my executive officer, he's going to have to learn to live with my sense of humor. Want to join or wait for the official complaint and the request for release from the brig?"

Joe laughed at that, "No, Major, that's all yours," He said. "I'll wait for brig releases." He said, shaking his head a bit. "I've got to get back up to the bridge, I just always like to deliver this kind of message in person. Need anything else before I go?" He asked, already starting to back out of the door.

"Oh, that's a very definite yes, Captain," Chance said, having picked up a PaDD. "But compiling the list is going to take some time so it'll have to wait until later. If I can be dismissed," he looked up to see the Captain walking out. "I'll take that as a yes."

He sat in the chair and sighed for the moment. He wasn't sure what happened with James but it was never good having yet another commanding officer abandon the unit. Biggs already told him there were morale issues due to revolving command. Well, he wasn't intending on leaving anytime soon, and he was sure as executive officer, Biggs wasn't either.

At least not now. He'd have to resign to get away from this command for the foreseeable future because Chance was determined there would be stable leadership for some time to come.


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