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The Counselor

Posted on Sat Mar 18th, 2017 @ 2:18am by Captain Joe Rhimer & Lieutenant JG Kathryn Dallas M.D., Ph.D.

Mission: Helpless Shoreleave
Location: Sickbay

Joe walked into sickbay, looking for one person: The current Assistant Chief Counselor. With Garran being reactivated, it was a short step to promote her into the chief role and have her take over his counseling duties. Unfortunately, counseling required a certain level of trust, and Intel officers very seldom had any trust from those around them.

"Nurse, have you seen Doctor Dallas?" He asked a nearby officer, after not seeing her right away.

The petty officer turned and gestured to the office behind her. "Hello, sir. Doctor Dallas is in the duty officer's office. Shall I tell her you're here to see her?"

"Don't worry, I'll see myself in," He said, smiling and heading that way.

He reached the door to the office which was open, and knocked on the door jamb, "Got a sec, doc?" He asked, smiling.

Kate looked up and smiled. "Of course, sir. Would you like to talk here?" Dallas gestured to an empty chair before her desk.

"Sure, here's fine. I just wanted to make sure that you were settling into the new role okay," He said, smiling. "There's been a lot going on, and I'm sure there's plenty of folks aboard who are going to need your services," He told her.

"I appreciate you coming by and reaching out," Kate replied. "There has been a lot going on, and I haven't had as much time as I would like to get up to speed on the crew's files, but I don't mind working late and I don't mind hitting the ground running. Fortunately, everyone's been receptive to my offers of help with the ongoing crises."

"That's good," Joe said, nodding. "I think that the security staff had some sessions going with Garran, but apparently they've been reassigned for some reason, so you can at least clear that part of your schedule," Joe replied.

"I'm sorry for the lack of warning, doc. We're getting hit from all sides over here," He explained with a helpless shrug. "I think things are about to settle in for a bit, but SFI is involved now, so there's no telling what the plan is now," He explained.

"You don't need to apologize for giving me a sudden duty promotion," Kate replied with a smile. "Perhaps that's a sign of dislike around here, but I'm taking it in stride," she added with a chuckle. More seriously, she added, "I've let Garran and security know this already, but I'll say it to you as well. I'm available to provide psychological expertise wherever you may need it, whether it's related to the current ongoing investigations, intelligence issues, or the like. However, along the more traditional route, did I hear something about you getting arrested?"

Joe rubbed his mouth and chuckled dryly, "Yeah... mix up there, that was thankfully resolved before it went too far. Admiral got killed... It was a mess," He explained. "Seems I got setup for it and the guy that did it is apparently wanted by SFI, so now we're working with SFI to track this guy down, or until further notice... good times, huh?" He said, grinning tightly.

"Never a dull moment here it seems," Kate replied with a nod. "Are you doing okay since all that mess?" He seemed to be taking everything in stride, but Kate wouldn't be Kate if she didn't ask.

Joe laughed a bit, "Let's leave that until after this mess is over, hmm?" Joe offered. "I'm willing to come sit and talk to you... that should tell you about how well I'm taking all of this mess," He explained.

Kate smiled. "Fair enough, sir. I wouldn't be much of a counselor if I didn't at least offer now."

"For now, though, I'll leave you to settling in and figuring out what the hell you're supposed to be working on," Joe replied with a grin. "You let me know if you need anything, okay?" He said, offering her a hand to shake.

Kate shook the offered hand firmly and nodded. "Thank you, sir. I hope you'll do the same."

"Thanks, Doc. Will do," Joe said, giving her a smile before leaving. With everything up in the air as it was, he felt better knowing that his crew's mental state would still be in good hands.


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