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Handing over the reigns

Posted on Fri Feb 24th, 2017 @ 1:08am by Lieutenant JG Kathryn Dallas M.D., Ph.D. & Lieutenant Commander Garran

Mission: Helpless Shoreleave
Location: Counseling suites, USS Antares will

Having cleaned up his office and changed, Garran stepped over to the Counseling suites' front desk, where the receptionist sat. It was almost like he'd undergone a makeover, now wearing a the bluish-grey uniform with black shoulders, identifying him as an Intelligence officer. On his collar sat the two gold and one black pip of a Lieutenant Commander. Once at the front desk he doublechecked Kathryn's schedule with the receptionist to make sure Dallas was free, before ringing her doorchime.

"Come in," Kate called out. She turned as the doors opened automatically and smiled at the familiar face. "Hello. What brings you to my neck of the woods?"

"I'm changing departments, Kathryn." Garran offered. "Which leaves the chief counselor spot open. I was hoping you would take it."

Kate blinked. He certainly didn't waste any time, did he? Not only did she not expect the absence of any kind of preamble, but of all the things he could've said, this was certainly not what she expected. "I'll do whatever you and the command staff thinks is best, but I must say, this comes as quite a surprise. Are you alright?"

A nod. "As well as can be expected." he offered, wincing a bit as he sat down on the sturdiest chair in the office. "It was a surprise for me as well. I certainly didn't expect to be reactivated today, maybe ever. But I was, and so here we are." He flicked an ear. "Don't worry about what the command staff thinks is best, if you don't want the chief counselor spot we'll find another one. But if you do, it's yours. I'm asking you."

For Kate, it wasn't a question of wanting the position, it was a question of whether she was the best qualified for it. She wasn't about to say that, however, as she didn't want it to seem as though she were fishing for compliments. Leadership roles weren't entirely unfamiliar to her, particularly leadership roles in counseling, so it wasn't an entirely unreasonable ask. "I'd like the position, sir. I'm honored you would ask me. As my counseling duties allow, I'd like to be able to continue to assist in sickbay, so as not to leave my medical colleagues shorthanded, but I'll be sure to clear that with them."

Garran smiled. "It's settled then. My office is already cleared if you want it, though you're welcome to keep using this one if you prefer. I'll go and take care of the paperwork now. Thank you, chief counselor."

Kate smiled. "Thank you, Chief. I hope you won't be a stranger around here."

Garran considered for a moment. "I won't have any reason to come here on business, and I'll likely be very busy for the foreseeable future, setting up a whole department and establishing a network of assets. You're always welcome to come by my office for tea and chat though."

Kate's eyes sparkled mischievously. "On the contrary, you'll at least need to come by for your routine psychological evaluation, and I'm not planning to completely give up all my duties in sickbay either, so I expect we'll see each other at least more regularly than you first thought. Still, I appreciate the invitation to visit your neck of the woods. Probably will be unnecessary given your expertise, but if intelligence ever needs additional psychological consultation, you know where to find me." She paused, then added, "I couldn't help but notice you wince earlier. Are you feeling alright?"

"Just old pains and aches. I'll get them looked at, but not yet. Not when I have this much work to do." Garran mused. "Well, I'll go get the paperwork in order, chief." he smiled. "Unless you had questions?"

"I'm sure I'll have a million questions over time," Kate replied with a grin, "but before you go, are there any members of the crew in particular you're concerned about or with like to brief me on? I think we've worked well as a team, but obviously, I haven't been kept in the loop on the latest developments concerning your cases."

"Lieutenant Haruna Mizuharu, chief engineer, currently on very limited duty. She was onboard during the Duraqi attack and suffers from severe survivors guilt, though she's made remarkable and unprecedented progress. I think she might be almost ready for a return to active duty, but that is at your discretion, of course." Garran mused. "Then there's Marine Lieutenant Tettly Biggs. He's Commander Aalto's boyfriend, father of her unborn child. Just keep an eye on him, make sure he remains stable through all of this. He's currently off active duty and you'll want to work with the MCO when proceeding." he offered, contemplating. "I think those are the two unique ones. Everything else you might need is in the various files and dossiers."

"Thank you," Kate replied. "I'm peripherally familiar with Lieutenant Biggs as I was present when he understandably lost his temper in sickbay. I'll make sure to reach out to him and to continue to offer support. I'll also be sure to read your notes on Lieutenant Mizuharu and meet with her personally to assess her progress. I know you'll be extremely busy, but if you ever need assistance from my department or myself personally, please don't hesitate to ask. I know we were just starting to get to know each other, but I have a great deal of respect for you."

"And I you, which is why I wanted you to become the new chief." Garran gave a nod, rising to his feet with a wince. "Well, that's all for me. I'll go do the paperwork."

Noticing the wince, Kate resisted the urge to inquire further into his well-being and to insist she let him take a look at him. Dallas wasn't ready to give up her dual responsibilities entirely, but this meeting meant she had new priorities to attend to, and she couldn't be happier.


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