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Weighing Heavy

Posted on Sun Aug 23rd, 2015 @ 10:14pm by Captain Joe Rhimer

PERSONAL LOG: Joseph M. Rhimer, Commanding Officer USS Antares

Sitting here in a dark room, drinking a whiskey, and trying to get my head around what happened. I'm past thinking it's my fault... but god damn... we got caught so flat footed.

It's hard trying to deal with this after the Einstein. I lost so many friends on that ship, already had to put that mass of ghosts to rest, and now here I am again... One of the staffers on base has already started recommending PTSD therapy and treatments for this. I know all the tricks and how to assess everything... I'm not that bad this time.

I guess it's easier when you've got an enemy to put in the forefront. Someone to blame. Or maybe you just get more numb as you experience it over and over.

And then there's the tribunals. I've got ours, Hunter's, and I just got notice that Garran is up for a hearing as well. That asshole Rashood must have already had the push in to make that happen. And then there's Brenning...

I must have done something spectacular to piss him off this bad, but I have no idea what it was! I don't even understand how anyone could be this mad about something. I don't even begin to understand what it is. I mean... I didn't even know him before the Antares launched, and he was already mad it me. Maybe something I did in the Academy? I know I caused a decent share of trouble...

I've got to get my head together though... My crew needs me, and they need me at the top of my game. I can save these people... maybe not all of my crew, but some is better than none. I'll find the ones that I can and I'll end the ones that did this... Wouldn't be much of a ship's captain if I didn't at least do that.



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