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Last Transmission

Posted on Sun Aug 23rd, 2015 @ 6:10pm by Commander Soren Aalto



Forgive the delay to in responding, please. I'm so glad that Bear is with you and doing well. Melinde has gathered far too many things to send you to them and even convinced Alvin to take her into town to have them shipped to a depot for him. She was adamant - he was fuming. Unfortunately that's been the day to day recently as more and more your friends have been arriving to cause troubles.

I'm sorry to tell you that neither your parent's home nor Val's are standing any longer. Both were brought to the ground by large machines. Luukas was taken away that same day and since the elders have had the village closed off. This is the last message that I'll be sending you as I'm doing away with the setup to transmit after sending this. I believe that they're right: bring all of this technology in, inviting the outsiders are what's causing all of these rifts in the commune. To mend it and draw back together as one people, it has to go as well as the outside influences. Which brings me to us.

I simply cannot come to you. Come home to me. You belong here beside me, not out there with strangers. I know you set out to defend your family that was, but they're gone Soren. The rest of us are here for you now begging you to let go of those ghosts and return. If you can, know that I'll be here waiting for you. If not, know that I loved the light in you, but that I can let you go to do whatever it is that you need to do. Either way, I'll know if in a few moons time you don't show up at the gates.

Always your closest friend,


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