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Archer CMO Log 1.0

Posted on Wed Jul 15th, 2015 @ 4:45am by Lieutenant Commander Carol Kingsley-Reeves

Computer begin log.

Nisha and myself have been in surgery for the past two hours trying to save the life of the USS Antares Assistant Chief Medical Officer Lt. Jg. Merissa Zemke.

Her injures at the time of beam in were gravely severe as a Duraqi blade weapon impaled her through the back and exited her abdomen. As the blade passed through her body it severed her spleen, transverse colon, a large part of her small intestine and knicked her Aorta.

We lost her a total of two times due to the amount of blood loss she obtained but suffice it to say her injuries were not treatable.

At 0435 hours Lt. Jg. Merissa Zemke was pronounced dead by myself with Nisha Tor as witness.

Autopsy files have been uploaded and I now have the unfortunate duty of informing her Commanding Officer of her death.

End Log.


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