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Again With The Weasels

Posted on Fri Apr 24th, 2015 @ 4:07am by Commander Soren Aalto
Edited on Wed Jun 17th, 2015 @ 5:38pm

[[Correspondence between Colonel Stringer and Lt Cmdr Soren Aalto]]

Stringer: You're a cheat.
Aalto: No matter how many times you say that, it's still not true.
Stringer: You set all of this up ahead of time. Who tipped you off? Was it Pierce? Vashuun? Wainscott?
Aalto: I'm pretty sure that you were your own worst enemy in that situation, Colonel.
Stringer: The damned bow?
Aalto: Marines are masters of all weapons, are they not?
Stringer: You could have told me that stoats were weasels! Damnable arctic weasels! WHITE weasels!
Aalto: Now you're just fishing for an argument.
Stringer: The snow was white too!
Aalto: Details..
Stringer: You cheated. You knew where the snow drifts and the weasels were and you threw the damned game. You can have the damn EFVs, but there's gonna be a grudge match next time you're on base. I pick the weapons and the venue.
Aalto: I only knew where the drifts were because I was careful. The stoats were randomly generated and you know that. I showed you the program notes. And no: no rematch. You have nothing to offer me now but a king-sized temper tantrum. If you hadn't been so completely unmovable during our initial meeting there wouldn't have been any need to challenge you. Perhaps you should be more careful about underestimating unknowns.
Stringer: You're just scared. Scared little weasel.
Aalto: You're just humiliated that you A.) couldn't figure out how to line up a shot nor even successfully fire an arrow. B.) Couldn't stab a stoat with an arrow because it was fast and you weren't. C.) Had to cancel the program when you stepped off a rock into an 8 foot drift and couldn't dig our way out. You're a sore loser.
Stringer: I'm contacting your captain.
Aalto: Oh good. If you have troubles with me, I'm sure you'll adore Rhimer.
Stringer: You're banned from my office.
Aalto: Then I shan't give you decor tips on your trophy room.
Stringer: Shan't isn't a word.
Aalto: Bother, I do have to say this: your choice of green is a little reminiscent of an old lady's wardrobe. Try a darker sea foam for the carpeting. It will look less like it belongs in a bathroom.
Stringer: I'll put this in your file.
Aalto: Be sure to add notes on wanting to record your win and broadcast it to my crew. I've chosen to spare your dignity and keep it between us and your man Peterson. If you want to flaunt your affair with the snowdrift, please be my guest.
Stringer: You think that you're smarter than me?
Aalto: No. That's the difference between us, Colonel. I don't place myself in worth or reputation above or below me. I treat you in kind- mind you, I border insubordination with a few of my comments- but I do hope that you learn from this. You have a good station and a good name. Please honor them both.
[[Aalto Disconnect]]

[[Message to Commander Joseph Rhimer from Lt Cmdr Soren Aalto]]

Commander Rhimer,

It appears that I've rather upset Colonel Stringer aboard the starbase. Be aware that you may be contacted by him regarding my personal integrity. In short order: Pierce needed certain equipment that only Stringer had with the warning that Stringer was particularly difficult. Stringer denied the request without even looking at it, citing ridiculous reasons. Having heard about his gambling issues, I challenged him to a competition for the equipment and won. Yes, I manipulated events that favored me and played on his poor physical shape and the idea that he hadn't ever used a composite bow before. Or knew what a stoat was. Regardless, Pierce now has the needed equipment and Stringer is being a very sore loser. I also mentioned that his decorating skills were lacking. Then I disconnected the call. Should you need to pass on punishment, I'll attempt to feel sorry for all of this. I can't promise that I will, though.



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