Things are getting worse

Posted on Sun Jan 29th, 2017 @ 6:02pm by Lieutenant Commander Garran

I took this job to escape from these kinds of things, you know. This should've been a nice and easy, cushy job, migrator willing. No more being shot at, no more being stabbed, no more people trying to kill me. I know I shouldn't complain about those things, they come with the job - my old job - but let's just put it this way: those were the less fun parts of the job. So when the department got disbanded and I saw the chance to retire, I was all too happy to.

But since joining the Antares I've been shot at, hacked with an axe, I lost people under my command to torturers, I saw half the crew of the ship gain various forms of PTSD to various degrees, and now I hear someone I care strongly about, someone I consider a close friend, has been found beaten to within an inch of her life. We have no idea who did it. Maybe if we find some hint, some clue, we can find out who did it and -

I don't know. Make sure they'll never do anything of the sort again. Part of me wonders why, though. Why they took Soren, why they tortured her, damn near killed her. What does Soren have or know that would make someone go through all that trouble? And did she break and give them what they wanted? These are questions that need answering.

Bear is going to be so upset ...