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Posted on Tue Nov 15th, 2016 @ 6:42am by Captain Joe Rhimer

Captain's Log, Stardate 68320.6

We came, we saw, we managed to not get blown up. Information on the Gorn fleet hidden within the anomaly has been sent to Starfleet Command, and the USS Calypso took over searching the area for the remains of the device from us. We're finally heading back to the Starbase for some much needed R&R.

There were some rifts in the crew that came out really loud and angry on this mission, not sure why. I think we've got the majority of them worked out, but I got word that T'Vana wants to speak with me, so I might still have some issues to explore.

At any rate, we've got about nine-days to go until we reach the station and we're slated to have a week or two on the station at least. I'm hoping it takes a while to get the assignments we need, because I think all of us need a good quality shore leave.

We'll see if we can't fix some of these personnel gaps in the mean time. I'll work to try and make sure it's handled before too much longer. They're good people, just need time to gel and get to know each other. Alright, enough sitting. Need to start making the rounds and seeing what sort of damage control I can do before we get home to the station.

End recording.


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