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CMO Log 1.0.1

Posted on Sat Mar 19th, 2016 @ 3:38am by Lieutenant Commander Carol Kingsley-Reeves

Chief Medical Officers log suplemental,

The away teams are returning with the missing crew members that were taken by the Duraqii during the ships in cede that happened before my arrival. We first received at least 15 critical patients all of whom are recovering to some extent. Some will need prolonged couseling and some will be relieved of duty util they feel they are able to return to duty.

As a medical professional it is my duty to manage the crews health physically and mentally along with the help of Counselor Garran but sometimes were are unable to handle all the trauma that came through sickbay within the past 12 hours.

I have also been unfortunately unable to reactivate the LMH program. I had asked Commander Aalto about the LMH but was dimissive to her before she could answer.

After performing a total of three surgeries and after those were complete my medical tech informed me that LT Mizuhara had placed herself behind a medical forcefield preventing my staff from giving her any medical attention.

During a commotion miss Mizuhara obtained injuries to her hands, details of those injuries are in her medical file.

After treating the Lt I joined both Commander Aalto and Lt Garran to discuss further treatment to miss Mizuhara and and the conclusion is that we here on the Antares can't give Haruna Mizuhara the treatment she needs but have come to the conclusion that Starfleet Medical would be better suited to treat her.

Commander Aalto is informing Captain Rhimer of the situation with Lt. Mizuhara. I am now heading back to my patents.


Lt. Commander Carol Kingsley-Reeves
Chief Medical Officer
USS Antares


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