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Operations Log #001

Posted on Fri Oct 16th, 2015 @ 2:33pm by Lieutenant JG Galil Jasad

"To no surprise of my own I have graduated from Starfleet Academy with an engineering degree. Once you've worked on one warp drive you've worked on them all and as much as Starfleet would never admit it the warp drive of a galor class warship is not as behind the times compared to the engines of a nebula class as much as Starfleet would have you believe.

"My end of term project was rebuilding the computer core of a galaxy class from the frame upward. Computing technology is one area Starfleet will enjoy knowing they have the Cardassians and another ten species I know off trumped in every way. Capacity, processor speed, interface and awareness. I wasn't able to improve on the computer core as much as I liked but Professor O'Brien saw my genius and gave me the third highest grade in the class. It is a safe assumption my concentration on galaxy class technology had something to do with my first assignment to the Antares.

"Starfleet saw fit to promote me to lieutenant upon completion of my engineering degree. I guess, and I agree with them, it would be foolish for someone with my knowledge and experience to hold the rank of ensign and take orders from every officer on a ship when I know more about starships than most of them. I guess that also had something to do with my assignment to chief operations officer straight out of the academy. It wouldn't make sense to put me under department chiefs who I could best with a hand tied behind my back and my eyes blindfolded.

"I'll be leaving for the Antares tomorrow evening. I have one more night than expected to explore San Francisco but I don't know what I'm expected to gain from interacting further with Humans. I guess I will spend my night reading up on my manuals so I'll be as prepared as one can be when I get to my ship. I've also allocated two hours gym time sometime tonight and I intend to get a few good rounds in the ring before I have to leave."


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