Helpless Shoreleave

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The crew of the Antares are on Shoreleave, but that doesn't mean an easy time for any of them. They'll all have their ghosts to fight as they try and get their rest in for the next mission! Already murky shadows are moving and causing trouble.

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Last Stop For Lightyears

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The crew of the USS Antares are making their way to the ship, saying their goodbyes and drowning their troubles for one last week on Starbase 334.

Of Ship Thieves and Slavers

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The USS Antares is tasked with a Federation entry evaluation. They are to rendezvous with a ship carrying representatives from a race known as the Duraqi. Once we’re rendezvoused, the crew is to evaluate and negotiate terms of entry into the Federation and make sure they’re a good fit.

Dry Dock (Shore Leave)

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The Antares limps back to port and undergoes repairs as the crew frantically tr to find their mission crew members to go after them as soon as they're able.

Let My People Go

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The USS Antares has been repaired, and is now embarking on it's mission to save her crew and take down the vicious group of slavers that stole them, and so many others. The crew are in for a fight like they've never known before, one that they may not make it back from.

Operation: Looking Glass

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Starfleet’s long-range subspace sensors have recorded an
unusual subpsace anomaly that has formed in the region of
space that joins the borders of the Klingon Empire and the
Gorn Hegemony. Whilst such an anomaly would not normally
be of high concern, its location and the timing of its sudden
appearance is considered suspicious enough to warrant
further investigation.

The USS Antares is hereby ordered to investigate this
anomaly and report back with their findings. The Antares
is advised to proceed with extreme caution, and be prepared
for potential hostilities. The nature of the anomaly may cause
disruption to communication technologies and Starfleet warp

As ordered by:
Rear Admiral Richard Gates, Chief of Fleet Operations, 11th Fleet

Lick Your Wounds (Shore Leave)

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With as many as their crew as possible rescued and the slaver cell destroyed, the USS Antares has returned to Starbase 334, more mentally battered than physically this time, for some minor repairs and some much needed R&R.