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Isabella Lionese

Name Isabella Corrine Gianna Lionese

Position Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 150 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Belle is a young woman, roughly of mainly Italian/Welsh heritage mixed with a little of this and that. She has wildly curly black hair that she keeps cut shoulder length in order to keep it manageable, clear blue eyes and dusky gold skin.

She has a build combining a good number of sultry curves with a trim waist, narrow shoulders, elegant boning and long lean legs. She has a good number of tattoos and even more scars: none of which she bothers to hide and all of which have stories. Her ears are pierced multiple times.

As far as clothing goes, Belle has no fixed style: she dresses to her mood and tends to prefer tight clothing.


Spouse N/A
Children Sophia Grace Lionese
Father Olexi Lionese
Mother Teigan Lionese
Brother(s) Meical Lionese, Athren Lionese, Rhobert Lionese, Trysten Lionese (deceased)
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Many...

Personality & Traits

General Overview Isabella is a sharp young woman, both of mind and tongue. She tends to speak before she thinks, commit to action without a perceived plan, but seems to have the luck or perhaps intelligence to pull herself through it most of the time. Her seemingly contradictory bearing is a coping mechanism to be chameleon enough to survive her childhood.

Sneaky and underhanded with a bag full of dirty tricks, she’s a walking talking exercise in pushing the envelope. She flirts, bets, swears and maintains half a dozen other unladylike skills, but can still pull out the stops and reach deep in her bag of tricks for some feminine wiles to wrap a man around her finger with if need be. Motherhood hasn’t toned her down much though it has taught her to appreciate that anything you say or do can and will be repeated at the worst possible moment.

Belle is fiercely loyal to those she decides are friends and dreadfully vicious to those that threaten them. The woman can burn hot or cold in the blink of an eye and her ice is much worse than her fire. She purposefully puts forth a very open, free and approachable personality that doesn’t hit at the massively secretive private side that makes up the rest of her life. Belle keeps many secrets, some of them at a huge price tag.
Strengths & Weaknesses Belle has a flair for linguistics. She enjoys learning the subtleties of new languages and the body language that contributes to such blendings of phrase and gesture. Quite formidable in a fight whether it's hand to hand, knives or arms (swords, no.. although she has discovered the hard way that they are still used in backwards parts of the universe).

Belle was born very much a modern gypsy well accustomed to a small amount of wealth and leisure. She doesn’t put limits on herself such as physical taboos or the whimsy of preconceived notions. That means you instate rules that others will break just to see if they can. She despises being told no and will actively find a way to get around the judgment if she feels like putting up anything of a chase. Other cautionary words are ‘I dare you’, ‘because I said so’ and ‘who do you think you are’. Obviously the answers vary.
Ambitions Far too many to fill up this little box with..
Hobbies & Interests She enjoys physical activities of all kinds, including the more frowned upon fields of sleight of hand and pick pocketing. She hasn’t kept up to date on her breaking and entering. It just isn’t as thrilling as it used to be. Belle has a particular adoration for classical romance-period Earth music and literature, design and stylings.

Personal History Belle was born in the belly of a ship known as the Paerella, the youngest of 5 and the only girl to boot. It was a favored place to be, the only daughter of two infamous pirates with a few dozen aunts, uncles, godparents and grandparents ready to steal, cheat, carve or shoot their way to whatever it was that they wanted in life. She grew up strong and healthy with an excellent education, a sprawling support structure and the freedom to do or be just about whoever she wanted to be. She lived mainly with her father and brothers as her mother had her own ship to mind (which was better for everyone involved, for if Teigan and Olexi weren’t mating like rabbits, they were fighting like tigers all over the ship).

Her childhood wasn’t without struggle. Most children never had to worry about being boarded or shot down or having to memorize aliases and account numbers in case they were stranded (which did happen quite a few times. Her father lovingly referred to it as shore leave). Add in spies, cut throats jockeying for position in the ranks which sometimes included an abduction, threats or attempted murder, and at one point having to bail out of a swiftly disintegrating starship and you have what Belle likes to call an interesting childhood.

And she wouldn’t trade it for the world.

She and her brothers had their own ship for a short time before it was decided that it was a very bad idea to let the five loose on their own. By the end of those two short years Meical was in jail for several months for suspicion of piracy until it was confirmed when the others broke him free. Meical married and started a brood of his own quite rapidly which didn’t quite go over well with his fellow would be hellions. It was supposed to be a pirate vessel not a nursery.

Athren created his own lucrative business smuggling alcohol and other expensive leisure substances through the galaxy. He broke off on his own according to him, the others claim to have booted him out. Rhobert was the only one who managed to take charge of his own vessel that flies in the family fleet. And Trysten and Belle threw in the towel after getting caught stealing a ship and spending three long weeks in the brig of that ship. Both went back to their father’s ship slightly more sedate than before and beaten to a bloody pulp plus: a learning experience for sure. Belle never did trust Trystan’s plans after that incident and he never quite forgave himself for it.

In the back of her mind Belle remembers quite clearly what she won’t vocalize: their treatment by a man known as Shaun Hennessy. Torture would be a more apt description, spiced liberally with humiliation and a terrible sense of helplessness. They managed to escape with an old-fashioned gun shot wound a piece and a handful of broken bones and massive bruises. Neither speak of it, but neither forget. And if either got their hands on Hennessy it’ll be the last breath he draws.

At first to heal from the Hennessey experience Belle’s went ship hopping after a long healing period safe amongst her father’s fleet. Stepping away from it however brought a paranoia that without that fleet’s protection she would never again be safe. In order to cure this fear she thrust herself at it and went after the core that men like Captain Hennessey sprang from to face that fear. She applied and amazingly enough managed to enroll in Starfleet under the assumed identity of Regina Christianne.

Belle either excelled or bombed gracelessly in her classes as she felt out the situation, looking for a point with which to initiate some grand revenge for her treatment. However after a few months that burning sense of revenge was replaced by a kind of begrudging respect that again turned to crystal clear want. Starfleet wasn’t what she expected. In fact, she rather liked the discipline.

When she graduated Belle certainly wasn’t in the top percentile. Nor did she have a squeaky clean behavioral record. It earned her a few cruddy temporary assignments leading up to her first true ship assignment. By then Belle was all ready on her way out the door due to conduct issues but Captain Marshall took a shine to her attitude and purposefully started throwing her bones to see what she’d do with them. Belle was a natural in the diplomatic field. Verbal fencing, carefully orchestrated ploys, research, blackmail, technicalities, loopholes, baits and traps.. The fact that she could hold her own in a fight made her an even stronger opponent when placed on the ground.

Marshall turned a blind eye to some of her eccentricities in favor of continuing to utilize his ace in the hole. He admitted in later official documentation that he falsified documents in order to keep her on ship after discovering her true identity thanks to another pirate seeking amnesty. After a long legal battle littered with leverage from her family and friends against the Fleet, Belle was excised from Starfleet with a hearty suggestion to not find herself embroiled in any Fleet business again.

She dropped off the scene after that supposedly out of contrition (in truth she discovered that she was pregnant) and has had a very minor presence in the family business since.
Service Record N/A
Notes *Depending on the circle that she's running in, Belle is either known as Belle Lionese, Vex, Regina Christianne, Randa Coletti or Teresa Ryan.

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