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Commander Soren Aalto

Name Soren Blue Aalto

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 148 lbs
Hair Color Light Blonde
Eye Color Bright Blue
Physical Description In another life, Soren Aalto could have been the storybook fairy princess. She’s lean and willowy, long-limbed and elegantly boned. Quick to smile and effortlessly graceful in movement. Her white blonde hair is most often tied back in a simple knot or braided up and out of the way when on duty: simple. Off duty she wears it down and unstyled. Her eyes are expressive and often say what she chooses not to. Soren's ears are unpierced, no tattoos. Her only typical piece of jewelry is a small stamped coin-style necklace depicting a mandala that her mother had drawn years ago.

Her choice of clothing is similarly simplistic. Off duty Soren prefers natural cloth in simple cuts. Slacks and tunics, embroidered pieces, nothing flashy or impractical. If she owns it, it's serviceable.


Spouse N/A
Children Bear Beckett Bristol (8, Fostered Nephew)
Father Alec Givens Floyd II
Mother Allegra Belou Aalto
Brother(s) Leif Echo Aalto (Youngest)
Sister(s) Valerie Ode Bristol (Eldest)
Other Family -Ebbe Denys Aalto (Maternal Grandfather)
-Leija Reme Aalto (Maternal Great Aunt)
-Cyrus Abbot Bristol (Brother-in-law)

Personality & Traits

General Overview To try and sum up Soren quickly would be to compare her to a stained glass window. Through her eyes, the world is very different. Brighter, fresher, newer. Some of the view is obscured, some pieces of herself are soldered together oddly between to make them fit together naturally where in shape they shouldn't. Each piece is important stand alone, but none tell the story without being assembled first.

Soren is naturally a quiet person: a people watcher, an inner thinker, a vivid dreamer coaxed out by the people and events around her. If left to her own devices, she could be perfectly happy being alone, surrounded by silence, awed by nature. She strives to keep herself centered in a peaceful space despite the often chaotic and strife filled surroundings in the past several years. It's one of the few practices from her parents that she has stayed true to.

She's trained herself to become an extrovert in order to keep her hand higher in the game. Transformation, in general, is one of her specialties. She survives, persists stubborn and grace-filled, despite the cards stacked against her. Unlike her sister, she didn't lose her identity. Unlike her brother, she never relied on another to mold her views. Sharp, watchful, determined, definitive in her own description, Soren is a force to be reckoned with when she's ready to act. First, she watches, thinks, analyzes. Action comes secondary and always with purpose. People always come first as they are her top priority.

When it comes to her family, Soren is more divided. She's doggedly devoted to her curmudgeon grandfather and her nephew, though all other family members are held somewhat at a distance. Her mother and sister are practically strangers. Brother and Great Aunt occasionally pass near by, but never seek to connect. Soren maintains an idealized vision of her father in her head, but has had no contact with him in years. Her attempts to investigate what happened to her family members respectively is done more out of memory for who they were, not who they are, and a driving need to bring to light whatever wrong was done.

Soren is a natural public speaker and teacher. She leads by example, teaches by example and holds herself to very high expectations in order to be the best example that she can. Her passion for the forums is a way of inspiring others to be the change needed in an often corrupt and broken universe. Some of her speeches have had rather poor after effects, including death threats and on one specific occasion following a summit of ethics there was an attempted shooing. She's still unsure of why.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
-Fairly good natural aim
-Exceptional public speaker
-Acts on a strong sense of morality

-Tends to close off and internalize troubles if they effect only herself
-Certainly isn't the best or most up to date on technology. She's certainly more of a hands on person
Ambitions Soren's interest in command is more of a political need than any interest in actually taking up the center helm. She needs to be heard- and field experience and command red are needed for your voice to carry farther than a few select circles. Her heart is actually in teaching Ethics at the Academy, which she plans to do upon retiring.
Hobbies & Interests Classical music (instrumental, orchestral), the lost art of hand writing, reading, public speaking, hiking, camping, bow hunting, nature, cooking, clean living, health food, yoga, boating, fishing, sketching, fantasy, linguistics, actively journals

Personal History There are many stories that make up Soren Aalto’s life. Most are true, though some are spritzed with bits of color and gentle dabs that smooth over rough spots. A pretty picture, though fabricated to some part regardless. Let us begin.

Soren was born on Nemedes Colony on Pel Aru, June 14th of 2362 to Allegra Aalto and Alec Floyd III. She was the middle child of a rather close family, significant in no other way than this made her the mediator from the very start. She was a spirited child of gap toothed smiles and skinned knees, imaginative stories and many a pretend friend. Much of this was due to the fact that Nemedes Colony (or First Home as Soren calls it) was a refuge to those who turn away from heavy dependence on technology. They were mostly cut off from the rest of the planet by a languid little mountain range and a series of rough roads, relying on manpower, tools and old fashioned devotion. Learning was by book, verse and rote. Homes were raised by hand. Meals were provided by hunting or fishing, farming or foraging. It was quiet and small- and as there were few children other than her siblings when she was young- Soren made up friends for her adventures into the woods more often than not.

She thrived in a storybook land of her fancy, barefoot and free. Peaceful- at least as far as she can remember it- and very much loved. Her father was a quiet man who did more than he ever said. Purposeful, deeply sad, but there: vivid and silently intense whether it was knotting a hook to a fishing line or rocking a sick child on his lap. Her mother was anything but quiet. In fact, Allegra was a body in constant motion. Doing for him or her or herself, cleaning and chatting, sewing and chatting. Perhaps she even spoke in her sleep. Regardless, she was always talking- especially for Alec, who rarely said a word. She was the kind of mother who believed in the antiseptic power of pit and a kiss on the cheek to make you better. Or that warm soup could heal a soul, so there was always a soup kettle on somewhere.

The time was also profound because of Valerie- the once and future thorn- who had some modicum of peace there as well. It was before she found that cold and stony place within her, back when she felt safe and had a grasp on whatever intangible thing that she has spent the rest of her life looking for. That, for Soren, all of that was First Home.

Soren was ten when Nemedes was raided by Star Fleet Marines. In her mind it was all very distant. There was no blood, but it was a mess. Everything everywhere. Whole lives were drug out of homes and into the center of the street to be rifled through. People yelled. Others cried. Valerie cried, because her parents did, too. Leif cried, though he was just a baby then. Soren's mind was in a place without sound, only motion. She watched from a distance far away from herself and fed a story to the actions that made more sense. At ten, the story was that these strangers were interlopers, searching for some shred of proof that a long lost prince was hiding there. When the marines took her parents, it was because her father was that man. Her mother his faithful friend. And they- the children- were taken to be hidden away until the prince would give those strangers the secrets of his kingdom (Valerie, the spoilsport, told her she was dumb every time she told the story, but Soren held onto it doggedly and told anyone that would listen).

From First Home they were taken to a land of many little white islands. Some so small that you could cross it in one large small girl sized step. This was the home of their mother's father Ebbe, who was little more than a grumpy old hermit living on the Aland Islands near Mariehamn in Finland. He was wide and gray and wore itchy wool sweaters, smelled of pipe tobacco and thyme. Valerie hated him almost instantly, but Soren adored him, as he was her troll under the iced over bridge. His home was a wonderful cabin full of dried sausages and blankets, biscuits and honey. You could sleep in your clothes or play in snow in your socks and eat all the jam that you wanted with a spoon. It was wonderful, but it achingly was not home.

Ebbe and his maiden sister Leija certainly weren't ready to take care of three children who were strangers to them. They took them in out of a sense of responsibility to Allegra, whom they hadn't seen in fourteen years. Out of the three of them, Leif clung to Leija who was a mother that should have been all of her life. She took to the boy as if he was an angel, and he accepted it beatifically. Them together: it was universally meant to be. That left the obtuse triangle of Valerie, Ebbe and Soren, though, who never seemed to line up just right for a reason that none of them could put their finger on.

For Soren, it was more of a nuisance that her older sister had grown so distant and angry and withdrawn. She watched her battle her grandfather constantly, yelling and screaming or storming away and didn't understand it. It was all temporary- them being there. Just temporary. Though when she'd tell Valerie that, her sister would just yell some more. Ebbe gave Valerie as much space as he could, taking Soren out on small adventures instead to give the older girl time. He'd listen to Soren's stories as they fished or boated or rode into town. He was an excellent listener like her father was, and that made her love him more.

By fifteen Soren had stopped telling stories. She wrote them down when she could, but that wasn't often. Her time was consumed by schooling and worrying. Worrying whether she'd come home and her sister would have ran away again. Worrying whether they would need to replace the heating filaments in her aunt's ancient home unit again. Worried that she had started to believe her sister's words about their parents being gone as no one- no matter how Ebbe pleaded- would tell them anything.

When Valerie did finally run away far enough that she couldn't be found, Soren put away her stories completely as her heart was too broken to write. Little truths did come about though. Tiny ones. Like how Star Fleet wasn't truly that bad, it was just a little broken according to Janis Tomlinson's son who came home with an artificial leg. He had plenty of stories to tell her of his time in service to the greatest exploration fleet that had ever existed. Or how her parents had been officers, too, once before they had decided to settle down on First Home. It whet her curiosity enough that by the time she was finishing her last year of school that Soren had thoroughly researched joining Starfleet, herself.

When the time came, Soren did choose Starfleet with some none too subtle encouragement from Ebbe. He packed his things the day that she set off to California just like she had, locked his cabin's door and moved himself into a retirement home close to where his sister and Leif lived. To each their own adventure.

The Academy was like nothing that Soren had expected and everything that she had. It was- fair to the warning- broken. From the outside it wasn't clear at all, but inside- within the heart of the mass of attitudes and platitudes and almost lost ideals all mixed together in noise and movement- the problem became evident if only to her eyes. There was so much competition and striving to perfection. Racisim and elitism that the history texts all but declared dead ages ago. Subtle and not so subtle undermining of the very ideals that Star Fleet was supposed to represent. The spirit of the explorer was very nearly gone from the halls of the academy that was supposed to enkindle it in others.

It was still there in some of the teachers, though worn or tired. In some of the students especially during their first year when idealism was at an all time high. Soren hunted those two sects especially and prodded them for stories, for motivation, for the right words to use to feed one another to a point that the desire was back where it should be. She took to giving speeches during student government meetings, clubs, classes that allowed it, writing letters to academy news sources. Even if she wasn't known directly, the name Soren Aalto became a name around campus to various degrees of annoyance, admiration or something in between the two.

Shortly before graduation, Soren was permitted to visit her mother at a secure facility (her father was housed there as well, but he wasn't permitted visitors) with disastrous results. The woman that Soren met with had very little resemblance to her mother, neither physically or psychologically. Even after being identified, Allegra was more intent on spouting the evils of Star Fleet instead of any time catching up with her. The visit cast a shadow over graduation, but also renewed her dedication to further uplifting the ideals of a better Star Fleet closer to its original vision and mission statement.

Since becoming an active member of Star Fleet, Soren has continued to campaign for these ideals, attending yearly conferences, publishing various papers and writing columns for the Academy's monthly newsletter on the morality and ethics of an officer and the idealized role of the Fleet. The actions have garnered her a fair bit of unexpected negative attention. Some was expected: she does question the system quite a bit, though the death threats and actually being shot at one point were rather unexpected. Investigations didn't root out any leads in specific, though the arrest of her older sister and husband subsequently brought out too many questions for Soren to ignore. There had to be a connection instead of a coincidence.

Having not seen her sister in years, it was a surprise to find that she had married and had a son, much less that she was in so much trouble. Soren attended what little she was allowed to of the trials as a spectator only, speaking with Valerie twice during mediated visits. As they weren't allowed to speak of the trial or incidents, the picture that she got of what was happening had many holes in it. What she did agree was to take Valerie's son under wing for however long was needed (once he was released to her). She followed Val's path back to First Home and tried to stir up some answers there, but only found more questions. Whatever answers might have been there were gone, and the colonists were rather tight lipped except for her few childhood friends like Zieg Kisten and Janice Combs.

The only way that she figured she'd get that trust was to reestablish a connection. Soren took an extended leave to see to the months spanning trial, visiting First Home often in between sessions. She took up her parent's old property and bought it back to a livable condition. Learned the names of all of the families and asked for guidance often. In short, she proved herself the hard way, making herself first seen then known. After nearly ten months of trials, Valerie and her husband Cyrus were found guilty of collusion, sedition, conspiracy to treason, spying and 'illegally procuring sensitive information'. Both were handed sentences of over fifty years. This sent ripples through First Home, bring people closer to Soren rather than backing them off as she was just as shocked as they were. Suddenly, people were able to remember small things. Notes were anonymously sent to her. Even after Soren returned to duty, Zeig continued to receive information that he sent to her through a newly established data terminal that he'd smuggled into the colony.

Because the Maartens wasn't set up to accommodate crew family, Soren requested a transfer so she could have Bear with her, which led to her being reassigned to the USS Antares.
Service Record 2381 – Star Fleet Academy
2385 – Star Fleet Command Academy
2388 – USS Maartens, Executive Officer
2391 –USS Antares, Executive Officer

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