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Major Goestayva Johnson

Name Goestayva Chance Johnson

Position Company Commanding Officer

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid/Terran
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3
Weight 245
Hair Color Sandy
Eye Color Deep Brown
Physical Description Chance is a large, muscular humanoid with short cropped hair, bright but dark brown eyes and an easy smile. Because of his advancements, most people don't realize that most of the right side of his body is artificial - unless he turns off the holomatrices, just to freak them out.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father William Charles Johnson (deceased)
Mother Istayna (Elam) Johnson
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Gramma and Papa (fraternal grandparents)

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Chance grew up as an only child to a free spirited, independently minded artistic mother. This allowed him the opportunity to interact with many different groups and types, giving him the ability to interact with others outside of his own ‘group’. He desires to build a bridge to close the gap between Marine and Fleet. However his sometimes quirky sense of humor and geek may be offputting.

Due to the attack that resulted in the amputation of his arm and leg, Chance has become self-conscious regarding his prosthetics. He doesn’t like jokes regarding being ‘half a man’ or ‘giving an arm and a leg’. But he has come to terms with the reality of his situation and has realized the benefits of his prosthetics outweighs his previous sensitivity. He’s friendly and loyal to a fault, probably creating stronger personal relations due to not experiencing strong familial bonds as a child. He also has a quirky sense of humor as well as being something of a huge geek when it comes to computer systems.
Ambitions Chance wants to promote to at least Colonel so that he will be in a position to help change the perceptions of Marines among the Federation.

He's also become an amputee advocate among the Services.
Hobbies & Interests Since joining the Corps, Chance has become slightly obsessed with prosthetic systems and the wasted space included just to create the ‘look’ of actual limbs. He started studying published research on not just prosthetics but biotechnology and Borg systems as well. He’s advanced to the point of holding patents as well as publishing papers of his own on nanobiotech advancement. Outside of that, he enjoys computer systems of all kinds. He’s also an avid fan of adventure holonovels, camping, weapons systems, astronomy and roleplaying adventures, rock climbing, spelunking.

Personal History Istayna met William Johnson while at an exhibit of her work on Earth. After several years the two were married in a traditional Betazoid ceremony. Istayna continued her artistic career while William remained in his position as a Federation Security Directorate. Their dream of a family turned into a nightmare when it seemed that the two would be unable to conceive children. Istayna, typical of her personality, stated she would deny the odds and would become a mother. To that end she visited what naturalists, faith healers and other assorted alternative medical practioners. Eventually the two did conceive their only child, a son Istayna named Goestayva Chance as a smirk at a fertility doctor that told them they would only have a ‘ghost of a chance’ to conceive children.

When Chance turned six, William and Istayna decided to try for another child. Unfortunately, during this time, William was killed while on an assignment, presumably by elements of the Orion Syndicate. The loss of his father struck Chance hard, moreso since his mother – while loving and comforting – was a free spirit who believed in a hand off approach to parenting. Chance retreated to his comfort zones – adventure fantasies and a growing fascination with computer systems. He seemed to have an almost intuitive grasp of both software and hardware.

Chance and his mother moved to live in an artist’s colony on the Southern Continent of Betazed where Chance met a family that would take him on their family camping trips. They also introduced and encouraged his love of rock climbing and cave exploration. But his admiration of his father reached near mythic idol worship by this time.

When his telepathic powers began emerging during his teenage years, Chance began to understand his mother much more – especially the deep loss and suffering she still felt at the death of his father. When the time came he told his mother he planned to join Starfleet to become a security officer, hoping to eventually join the Federation Security Directorate and follow in his father’s footsteps. For the first time his mother set limits and demanded he forego his plans. Eventually they came to a compromise where Chance would join Starfleet but pursue his second love; Engineering.

Chance did well at the Academy, excelling at computer systems. He graduated near the top of his class and chose a posting on the Claremont as the systems engineer. After several missions, he was promoted from Ensign to Lt.j.g. Eventually, however, he chose to apply to the science vessel Niels Bohr as their warp systems specialist, despite warp systems being one of his weakest aspects.

After his transfer to the Neils Bohr was accepted it departed on a long term mission to study several unexplored stellar nurseries at the edge of Federation space.

On the way home, the Bohr was routed to a medical mission to a colony on the Cardassian border. Once there the colony came under fire from Cardassian forces. Chance, as part of the away team, was stuck planetside when his ship had to flee in order to avoid destruction by Cardassian ships. The away team was augmented by several Marine squads sent to protect the colony from invading Cardassians.

During an evacuation, Chance was securing the colony Federation databases when his position came under heavy fire. He managed to lock the computer core and was trying to escape with the Marine fire team assigned to his protection when artillery exploded dangerously close to him. His right side took the brunt of the blast. He was rescued by Marines, one of whom refused to leave him behind to die but was killed by Cardassian fire carrying Chance to evac.

Chance was taken to Starbase 235 for advanced medical treatment, which included fittings for prosthetic arm and leg, and an artificial coroneal sheath as well as the necessity of a cerebral control module to handle the increased processing required by the prosthetics. During his long physical and mental therapy, Chance began to study biotechnology in order to better understand his new reality.

Though he was promoted and given a commendation for his actions on the colony, the efforts of the Marines who fought to protect him and saved his life went largely unacknowledged. While he felt his medical and aftercare was top-notch, he saw that the Marines also sent to SB 235 weren’t provided for as well. He became angered by this disparity – while he was lauded, those he considered to be real heroes went largely ignored. He saw this pattern continue during his long recovery. During group sessions he came to respect the Marines even more. It was during this time that he began to contemplate his future.

After a long discussion with his mother, and obtaining a full release, Chance took a leave of absence from Starfleet. At the end of which he resigned his commission to Starfleet and enlisted in the Marine Corps. His goals were two fold – one, to find some way to repay those Marines who risked and gave their lives to save his own and to work at creating equity of respect for the Marine Corps and Starfleet.
His enlistment in the Marine Corps was complicated by both his age and his infirmities, but it was also during boot that he began to realize what he had only thought before – despite artificial limbs, he was able to continue his life as he had before. Most of his fellow grunts failed to realize the artificial nature of half his body – just as he wanted to keep it. He was ostracized more for his age and found competing with fellow boots more than a decade his junior was much more challenging physically and to his pride and ego. He made several good friends during this time and by the end of his year long training, his mother eventually came to accept his new mission, partly because he pointed out a purely scientific mission nearly killed him so there was nothing safe in the galaxy.

Out of boot, he was placed into a rifle company and bonded with a Lance Corporal named Bran. The two were able to remain posted together while they climbed the promotion ladder. Eventually Bran became a squad leader and Johnson the team leader. Chance continued studying biotechnology and developed a theorem that the wasted space in artificial limbs could be put to multipurpose use, inclusive of various systems, such as incorporating limited PADD and memory storage into his arm. He devoured the latest research into micronized circuitry in combination with biotechnology. He also pioneered biokinetic energy systems, preventing the need to ‘recharge’ the limbs on a daily basis, not just moving about recharged the tech – which suited his hyperactive nature.

He also began to pursue the idea of becoming a SpecOps member as a means of promotion to officer status. The training didn’t help as much as he thought, but because of it he was able to move more into research and development. His background in computer systems as well as his current work in nanobiotechnology made him a great candidate for R&D squads and that’s where his career took him.

Eventually, the Corps realized that his combat abilities were exceptional and so where his technological capabilities. He was moved from enlisted to officer status and was starting to be put in charge of specialized squads, usually field testing and developing new weapons, gear and tactics – or whatever the Corps or Starfleet asked of him. This also suited Chance as it allowed all his interests to coalesce. Because of the secretive nature of his work, he was bounced around from assignment to assignment, but always able to keep his team intact as he was shifted.

Along with his reassignments came the occasional promotion and further and further responsibility. Now he was getting himself into a position to start making a positive impact.

He was moved from his last assignment, the Vanguard, and promoted to captain after their return from being lost in the Delta Quadrant after the activation of an ancient device threw them across the galaxy. During that time, Chance held dual billets – MCO and Security Chief due to the idea that the security chief slot was cursed as interesting deaths happened to each and every security chief aboard the vessel.

Chance has his specialized team for research and development, necessitating the security clearances required for outsiders to enter Marine Country, but he also leads regular Marine troops as well.

He still attends and leads group therapy sessions as well as personal therapy for fellow amputees. He also volunteers as a peer counselor to other injured combat veterans during group sessions while working on improving his prosthetic devices. While he’s been able to create a system that allows for normal sensations of touch, temperature, feelings, etc. he still has yet to break the brain/prosthetic barrier that prevents prosthetic devices from acting ‘superhuman’.

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