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Lieutenant JG Merissa Zemke [KIA-2391]

Name Merissa Zemke [KIA-2391]

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 4'5"
Weight 125LBS
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Merissa is not your typical human female. In society Merissa would be considered a midget or in medical terminology a dwarf, as she stands at a height of four foot five inches. She has short brown hair and deep brown eyes.


Father Marshal Zemke
Mother Natasha Dalton Zemke

Personality & Traits

General Overview Although Merissa is short she can be somewhat misconstrued. She doesn’t let anyone put her down due to her height and she won’t take any nonsense from anyone. Merissa has a kind and caring personality when people start to get to know her. Although Merissa is short she still prefers to do things herself.
Strengths & Weaknesses Although Merissa is short she considers her height somewhat of a strength. She can maneuver into spaces that would be too small for a normal human of height. In combat situations her height would work well against an enemy as she can out maneuver them.

Merissa also feels that her height is a weakness as well due to the fact that if something is out of reach or on a high shelf she would either need a step stool or she would have someone to get the object for her.
Ambitions Merissa has many ambitions but none other than to have a Command of her own but who knows where her career will take her.
Hobbies & Interests Merissa is interested in studying more about dwarfism. She is also interested in learning different alien languages.

Personal History In 2356 Merissa was born on Earth in a small town called Birmingham to Marshal and Natasha Zemke. During her childhood no one would ever think that her height would be stunted or that her height would be well below the average for a human being. During her childhood she did everything that a child loved to do, play with dolls and play tea parties etc. but what she secretly loved to do was be a tomboy. Merissa while playing outside would often love to play in the dirt and mud while her parents weren’t looking but if she was caught she’d be punished as her parents we old fashioned and preferred their daughter to be what she was, a girl.

During her time in school Merissa out surpassed everyone in her class. She picked up writing faster than some of her classmates and she began to read at higher levels by the time she reached the age of nine years old. Merissa doesn’t consider herself a prodigy or a super intelligent person at all but, her teachers and classmates do. While during the annual school physicals Merissa passed every part of the physical but became concerned when she found out that her height was below everyone else including her friends.

At the age of sixteen years old Merissa stood at the height of four foot five inches tall and still didn’t quite understand why she wasn’t getting any taller. One day she made an appointment with her local physician, Dr. Abigail Hunter and began asking her questions about her height and why she wasn’t getting any taller. Doctor Hunter began to run some tests on Merissa and after doing some extensive research she found a classification for what Merissa had which was called dwarfism.

After graduating from Dwight D. Eisenhower High School in Birmingham she wanted to join Starfleet. Not sure what field she wanted to go into Merissa took a placement test at the local Starfleet Recruitment office and found out that she had a talent for helping others and decided to go into being a Counselor
Service Record In 2374 during the second year of the Dominion war Merissa attended Starfleet Academy Basic Training for officers in the Counseling division. During the Academy Merissa was teased a lot because of her height and it made her feel self-conscious. As the years at the Academy continued Merissa began to gather confidence about herself and her height as she would at times use it to her advantage during combat simulations.

After graduating the Academy and obtaining her commission of the rank of Ensign Merissa applied for the position of Counselor’s assistant on the USS Donaldson under the command of Captain Vron’Hak. During Merissa’s tour of duty on the Donaldson she was under the guidance of Counselor Ashak zh'Rasda. Merissa admired Ashak and they became great friends. Ashak would often sit in on some of Merissa’s sessions and often guide her in more ways than one on different counseling techniques.

After her tour on the Donaldson, Merissa transferred to the USS Missouri under the command of Captain Alayna Drayton as the ships Assistant Counselor. Merissa served on the Missouri for at least two years before taking over as Chief Counselor after her predecessor Counselor Keven Albach retired from Starfleet.

Merissa felt that her time on the Missouri was over and transferred to the USS Eisenhower under the Command of Captain Gaff. She served for three years as the ships Chief Counselor. After her tour on the Eisenhower, Merissa was offered a position on the USS Antares as the Assistant Chief Medical Officer.

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USS Missouri
USS Eisenhower
USS Antares

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