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Lieutenant Commander Garran

Name Garran

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Carnelian
Age 143

Physical Appearance

Height 8'7"
Weight 650
Hair Color Black, greying
Eye Color Yellow
Physical Description At first glance a hulking brute, and at second glance even more so. Standing considerably over eight feet tall, with shoulders broad and massive, thick muscled arms. He is barrelchested and powerfully built, only adding to his stature.

Yet, his size is normally not the first thing people would mention when asked to describe him. Aside from being an immense mountain of muscle, he is also an anthropomorphic caninoid. Covered all over in thick, fluffy black fur, with a canine muzzle filled with razorsharp fangs. Alert, triangular ears top his head, while sharp, yellow, alert eyes keep a keen watch on his surroundings. Finally a thick, fluffy, black tail completes the look. He tends to wear small glasses when working on something small or delicate.

Yet, age has weathered him. He's greying around the edges and his tail, and walks with a slight limp - something his walking cane brings him a measure of relief in. Said cane is a piece of art, old, high quality and intricately carved out of a solid piece of walnut wood.

He wears the standard grey uniform with black trim associated with Starfleet Intelligence. He can often be found wearing reading glasses as well, when reading or handling small objects.


Spouse Moina, deceased
Children Vador Jr, deceased
Giary, deceased
Father Vador, deceased
Mother Varny, deceased
Other Family Harva, ACEO, USS Wellington

Personality & Traits

General Overview Friendly, patient, softspoken, approachable, warm and kind. These are all words that have been spoken to describe to Garran. Headstrong, stubborn and to a fault, though first in line to apologize when he realizes he was in the wrong. His is a patient mind, preferring to wait and analyze situations and people before jumping to conclusions.

Because of his age and mileage he has a wealth of knowledge and experience to fall back on, something that is greatly respected among his people. Venerable Carnelians are lovingly referred to as 'silvertails' or 'storytellers', on their home world.
Strengths & Weaknesses Being past his prime, Garran is not as fast or as agile as he used to be. He still retains his biblical, prodigious physical strength though. He has a keen and sharp mind, and underneath the kind and jovial exterior lies the beating heart of one of the most loyal, dutiful and reliable of friends and officers one will ever meet.
Ambitions He does not speak about that.
Hobbies & Interests Garran enjoys music of many kinds. His years on Earth and in the Federation have allowed him to learn the piano to a good standard.

Other than that he likes to keep his massive physique in shape exercising and training with a variety of staff- and bladed weapons.

Personal History Sontaire III is a minor class M world in the beta quadrant. It is a temperate world with area's of lush green forest as well as arid desert and vast cities, inhabited by Sontaire III's indiginous intelligent race, the Carnelians. They are a race of large and powerfully built caninoids, standing between eight and nine feet tall and often weighing in excess of six hundred pounds. Their size and raw strength combined with the relative unimportance of their world on both a strategic and economic level means that most major powers are content to leave them to themselves; there is little to trade for on Sontaire III and any who wish to take what they want by force find the Carnelians more than capable of protecting their homes and possessions.

The Carnelian are a race of artisans and artists, where family is held in higher regard than exploration or war. As such, despite their raw physical strength and aptitude for career paths as a warrior or soldier, what few Carnelians have left Sontaire III have found employment in other fields. One such Carnelian currently serves as Assistant Chief Engineering Officer onboard the USS Wellington. Another, called Garran, as Chief Counselor aboard the USS Antares.

Garran was born almost a century and a half ago to Vador and Varny, two political activists who were dissatisfied with the political status quo on Sontaire III. This was the environment the young Carnelian grew up in. During his school years Garran proved a capable student. Intelligent, patient, curious and a gifted conversationalist, a good combination. Never short on friends nor of interest from female Carnelians, eventually he married his school sweetheart Moina, with whom he had two children, a son Vador Jr and a daughter Giary.


[This portion of profile classified under order of Starfleet Intelligence]

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Now on Earth, Garran chose to enlist into Starfleet Academy, choosing medical as major, eventually specializing in counseling. He completed the six year course with honors, after which he found himself serving on various starships, eventually ending up as Chief Counselor on the USS Antares. During this time however, his sleeper status was turned into active status, and he was instated as Chief Intelligence officer.

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